Not enough time on my hands

I have a poorly house here at the moment. Two big kids upstairs & the little man currently napping. Guess it’s just that time of year. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to get stuff done. I REALLY NEED a few more hours in the day, a 27 hour day would be ideal. Wonder if that can be arranged? The never ending daily chores just keep on coming. Dishes, washing, ironing, vacuuming, tidying up after a messy family. Then there’s mopping, polishing, cleaning the bathroom, shopping, cooking, cleaning out the ashes from the fire. And cleaning the oven, urgh I’m dreading that one after a little mishap with a chocolate cake some time ago. All this while doing school runs and looking after a little whirlwind of a 14 month old. We’ve been stuck in the house for a couple of weeks too with him having germs for a while now. No baby bounce & rhyme at the library or tots group for us.
With limited crafting time, crochet is still managing to feature, just a granny square a day if I can. I’ll show you where I’m up to soon with that. Speaking of crochet, I had a parcel in the post this morning….

New bamboo crochet hooks! Yay! Can’t wait to give these a go. They were of course a bargain, I only do bargains. I also came across these bad boys…

Pom Pom makers! I haven’t made a Pom-Pom since I was about 8. I know these cool contraptions have been about a few years now but really excited about trying them out. Have a feeling I may get a bit of a Pom-Pom addiction, oh dear.
Right, must crack on with the above mentioned chores. Think I’ll set myself a little challenge to see how many I can get done before the little fella awakes. I’ll leave you with a picture of our lazy dogs snoozing. They do this most of the day, lazy pups!



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