If you’re expecting some kind of crafty, creative blog today then look away now.

Aren’t boys vile? Especially the teenage variety. I took it upon myself this week to give the boys bedroom a proper good spring clean, under much protest I might add. They said there’s nothing wrong with it. What dirt? Take my word for it, it was very much in need of a CLEAN. Well, Kim & Aggie would have been more suited to this one. Where were a pair of feather trimmed, zebra-print rubber gloves when I needed them? This was just a selection of what I came across on my brave, stupid, never doing again task:-

43p in 1p’s
8p in 2p’s
40p in 5p’s
A handful of coins from around the world
Just 5 odd, dirty socks (surprisingly)
6 half used packs of pocket tissues
A library book due back 21st Oct 2013
1053 match attax cards
2 hot water bottles with stagnant, smelly water inside
18 sets of unwanted Top trumps
6 rather suspect slimy lumps of goo, stuck to the floor, rock solid
37 old birthday/christmas cards
842g of dust (that’s an awful lot of dust)
3 old mobile phones, completely outdated but perfect to give to the little man who likes to pretend he’s talking on the phone.
1 digital camera, used for maybe 4 months, 7 years ago

I’ve not even finished yet, I’ve still got to go under their sofa & in the wardrobe. How can they live like that? How can they think that’s ok? I didn’t bring them up in a filthy, manky, disgusting home so why do they think it’s fine/normal/not a problem?
I’ve been kind and spared you any visual proof of the above, I’m sure those of you with any experience of teenage boys will be sympathising right now & nodding in agreement.

I’ll be back soon with something much nicer & prettier.

After I’ve enjoyed a nice glass of wine & a spot of crochet.

Vicki x


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