Craft crazy

That is so true! If crafting or creating is your thing then it does take over. It’s always ticking away in various parts of your brain with little sparks of inspiration, even while you sleep. I have so many projects on the go at the moment. Some are just in the very early stages, still in my head. Some I started ages ago or I’ve been collecting all the ingredients together over weeks or months in preparation for the moment when I might come to actually make it real. I’m that dizzy with it all spinning around in my head that I don’t seem to be able to actually achieve anything. Especially seeing as though the time I get to create is so very limited. I really need to slow it down & focus. One thing at a time, I need to prioritise, breathe, then maybe I might start to see some of my projects completed.

One little thing I did manage to finish this week was this card.

It’s a birthday card for my lovely nan.

She’s going to be 90 years young next week, how amazing is that!

My nan still has an allotment on the go you know, gardening has always been her passion. She’s not quite as nimble as she used to be but for 90 she’s absolutely fantastic.

I hope she likes it as much as I enjoyed making it.

As I type, the sun is shining in directly onto my basket of crochet. Do you think it’s trying to tell me something??


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