Baby blanket… Complete!

From little foundation chains grows a good size baby blanket.

I’m delighted to say my first ever crochet project is finished, hooray! It didn’t take me quite as long as I thought. It’s a good size for a first project, just manageable.

Once I’d lovingly crocheted 30 granny squares, I arranged them randomly until I was happy with them then attached them all together using single crochet. This was the result:-

It was great to see it finally coming together as I’d imagined it, although this was when it really showed up any mistakes and slight differences in the size of squares. Oops! I wanted to give it a border to finish it off. I did a row of treble crochet around the whole blanket.

Then I did another row….


I do think now, looking at it, that it may look a bit neater if all the squares were the same. Or at the very least all the same colour on row 5 (the outside row). You don’t know these things till its a bit late though.

It wasn’t quite complete so I decided to learn how to do a nice scalloped edging.

I was so pleased with how this came out and it didn’t take too long to do it either. Towards the end of this blanket I managed to squeeze a few extra moments of hooky time in, I was really wanting to get to the finish line and getting a little bit of an addiction along the way.
So here it is, the finished article that I’ve been banging on about……


Now I’ve finished I’m actually feeling a little sad, I miss it already. I’m sure project no 2 will be along very soon. The 3 older kids have already requested a blanket each! Better go yarn shopping. In the meantime, little Baby J can enjoy mummy’s handiwork.


Happy hooking xxx


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