Feathered hen friends

I’ve been meaning to introduce you all to our chickens but crochet kept getting in the way. But now is a perfect time as my husband brought me a special present home from work with him last night.

Any guesses????

Yay! Two new girls to add to our brood. We’ve named them Natasha & Queenie. They make a fine addition to our 8 chickens that we’ve had for a few years now. Here’s where they live…

A perfect spot in the corner of our garden for our girlies to peck around and lay scrummy eggs.

I got a bit of a shock this morning when I got home. I saw this little munchkin looking at me through the back doors!

Her and her sister had both escaped from their enclosure! I was running round the garden for ages after them, goodness knows what my neighbours would think if they’d seen me! Finally, captured…

Once I’d retrieved them both and returned them back inside I watched for a while to see if I could see how they’d done it. Sure enough, a few minutes later, Natasha stood on top of the coop then flapped her wings and took flight up onto the top of the enclosure. From there it was easy to jump down to the garden. I gave chase again, she’s a quick one you know. There was only one thing for it, scissors. No I wasn’t about to make her into a Sunday roast! It was time to clip one of her wings. It’s what you have to do to un-balance them to prevent them from flying.

What gorgeous feathers they are too but a trim was definitely needed. They can’t feel it thank goodness, don’t think I could do it otherwise.

Lots of cuddles were had afterwards as they were so good. I think they forgave me for spoiling their little adventures.

Here’s some of our longer standing residents…

Scarlet in front & Lou-Mei behind.

Buffy is centre stage here and Beyoncé is to the left, to the left. (Did you like what I did there?!!)

Buffys sister, Afro Barbara.

Angel, trust me she’s no angel.

Honey, our biggest & puffiest hen.

And finally Delilah.

We’ve had a few others come and go over the years, Lemon, Kirstie Allsopp, Sarah Beeny, Olivia, Belinda & Cleo. Also Eric & Bob. They were thought to be girls but no. They were noisy cockadoodaling cockerels who wouldn’t leave poor Beyoncé alone. They just weren’t able to carry on with us, they were causing havoc so they went to live on a posh farm in Cheshire.

I love our little feathered hen friends, they make excellent pets, are easy to look after and have such individual characters. They also keep us supplied with lots of delicious eggs.


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