On my hook

Since I finished the baby blanket, I’ve been wanting to experiment with so many different projects. I’d promised myself that while I was doing the blanket, I wouldn’t stray onto other things and hard as it was, I managed it. The first thing I started was another blanket for my step-son. He requested one in red & white ( his team colours). 

I decided to do a ginormous granny square instead of lots of small ones. It was suprising how quickly it grew.

It’s loads bigger now too than when I took this picture. Only trouble is, it takes ages to get one row done, not to mention getting hand and arm ache from all the repetitiveness! I decided I’d get bored just doing this. I needed to expand my new found confidence in crochet.  As you’ll soon discover, I have quite a thing for bunting, so I thought, why not have a go at crochet bunting? First few go’s were a disaster, I just didn’t seem to be able to grasp anything without the word granny in the title. But I wasn’t giving up, if I could master the granny square from having absolutely no clue, then I could master anything with a bit of concentration….and wine..

Hooray! My first bunting flag. It wasn’t quite what I’d had in mind but it was a bloody good start. The girls at our crochet group also wanted to have a go at bunting and had found a great pattern. On Friday we began, and after  a few wobbles, I managed this..

I’ve made it bigger since. I’m rather pleased with it and will definitely be making a ton more in the near future. There’s something about bunting that just makes everything a bit more, well, cheerful & happy.

I found a video tutorial on a round centred granny square which looked gorgeous, here’s my first attempt.

As it was just a sample, I just grabbed two colours that I thought looked good together, but actually I think they are two different types of wool. The yellow seems thicker and just a different consistency to the blue. It took a bit of tugging & smoothing to make it look even & flat. I’m still very much a newbie in the wooly world so forgive me if I’m not using the correct terms. They just didn’t seem right together so I’ll know for future projects to get the same brand of wool. It’s all a case of learning as I go and I’m absolutely loving it. Why have I not done this before now?? I love getting that sense of accomplishment when you finish something, especially when it actually looks like it’s supposed to!

Now, this is what I’m really itching to get my teeth into. Isn’t it a beauty??

My hubby said he’d be very impressed if I managed it, so I’ve taken that as a challenge! I’ve made a little start…

Now don’t look too closely at this one cause I went wrong. I was struggling a bit reading the complicated instructions on the pattern and thought it had told me to do 11 in the round and not 12. If I’d really thought about it maybe I’d have realised that it needed to be an even number, but hey, my brain was frazzled by this point. I’ve been making a start on some of the flowers, they’re looking really colourful. This is going to be a real labour of love, according to the pattern, I’d need 96 flowers just to make a small blanket!! Maybe I’ll have it finished in time for Christmas.

I’ll keep you posted on progress, happy hooking xxx

One thought on “On my hook

  1. jumpyjess March 2, 2015 / 11:57 am

    These are so cute! Lovely designs! 🙂


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