Plodding on

It’s been one of those nothingy kind of weeks here, not much at all going on of any interest. In fact, it’s been a bit bleurgh. Spring has teased us by making an introduction which made me really happy, only to disappear as quickly as it came. The weather here today has been cold, grey & very wet. At least the blanket I’m currently working on is keeping my lap nice and warm.

This blanket seemed to grow at a fantastic pace in the beginning but as it got larger it took lots longer to complete a row. It’s currently at a grand 31 rows. Not sure how big it’s going to be yet but will just keep going until I a) run out of wool or b) decide that enough’s enough. 

I’ve actually been going through a bit of a crochet lull lately. No idea why, just not been hooking a great deal nor had the urges to experiment with new patterns. Maybe I just need to complete another project rather than have a few all in their early stages. I’m sure the happy hooky hankering will be back very soon, I know that crochet is one of my keeper crafts. You know, how you can try loads of different crafts, some that you might only try the once, like knitting for me. I could do rows and rows (not very well) but just didn’t move on from that. Deco patch, love doing that and it’s so easy, that’s definitely a keeper. My wool collection is definitely growing at a pace too, look at this lot…

I never realised just how much I had till I got it all out onto the table together. Not doing too bad for a newbie am I?!!

Baby J and I had a nice time at Tots Spot on Wednesday. It’s a lovely group we’ve been going to for over a year now. It’s run at a local church by a group of volunteers. The ladies are so kind, they gave all the mums a little bunch of daffs on our way out this week for Mother’s Day. Mine are cheering up the bathroom windowsill as we speak.

He loves playing with all the new toys here and exploring everywhere. I really noticed a difference in him this week, like he’s grown up so much. He sat up at the snack table which he’s never done before and then sat down and did puzzles & sticklebricks. He’s starting to play with toys as they’re meant to be played with and starting to understand what I’m saying, although he’s not talking yet. I don’t think it’ll be long though. My little man is growing so quickly it’s scary. 

Sorry that this hasn’t been a very inspiring post, please come back next time…. I promise to have something more interesting to read xxx


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