Mod Podge project No.1

We had a bit of a poorly house earlier this week so I decided to make the most of being stuck indoors and do a project that’s been patiently waiting for me for oh, about a year. Not too long then! I bought these name letters to put in Baby J’s room when he was still teeny weeny. I wasn’t sure wether to paint them or decoupage them.


His bedroom has a nautical theme. When I was expecting him, I went on a lampshade making workshop and made a shade for his room. 


I had some similar fabric in my little stash under my bed & thought it’d go nicely. I started off by pressing the fabric so it was crease free.


Then marked out all the letters and cut lengths for the sides of the letters.



Cutting out the letters was quite nerve wracking as one little mistake would really show up.


I managed it, even with my little pair of scissors that I use for paper, card and everything else. If my mum knew she’d tell me off. As every seamstress knows, it’s a cardinal sin to use dressmaking scissors for anything other than material. So here I was, ready to get the mod podge out. I was a little nervous really as I’d not used it before. I think it’s quite similar to deco patch glue.


I started with the edges first. I used the sponge applicator to spread the glue all around the edges, it was absorbed quite quickly so u have to work fast.


Quite painless really! On with the front. I put the fabric upside down on the table and placed the letter down to it.


One down, three to go.


There they are, just need a coat all over with the mod podge to finish off. This sets to a hard finish after a few hours. Although this fabric is a lovely thick, quality one, it does tend to fray quite a bit which isn’t good when these just have a raw edge. Once this set though I found it easy to trim with the scissors. 

Time to get them on the wall. I used the little sticky backed pads, a couple on each letter.



I was quite happy with how these turned out. Will definitely be mod podging again in the not too distant future. Have a little idea already…. x


One thought on “Mod Podge project No.1

  1. jumpyjess March 24, 2015 / 8:14 pm

    This turned out looking great! ūüôā Love the sailor theme!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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