Happy Easter!

It’s been ages since I’ve posted so I thought I’d better drop in and say a happy easter to you all. It’s really crept up on me this year, Easter. I’d left it so last minute that the shops were all sold out of easter eggs today. Oops! Next year I’ll be far more organised. I was planning to decorate the house and create lots of easter crafty bits but it all seems a bit late now. If I’m honest, the past couple of weeks here have been quite rubbish really. There’s been so much illness in our family, nasty sickness bugs, troubled teeth, chest infections, and severe flu which ended up putting my mother-in-law in hospital. Not to mention the usual coughs and colds. I just can’t wait for us all to be in good health again, something I think we all take for granted far too much.
The weather has been pretty pants too, spring seemed to vanish and it was back to needing gloves and winter coats. Hurry up spring, I need some sunshine! We had really strong winds here earlier in the week which caused quite a bit of damage in our garden.




This is quite a set back as we already had quite a bit to do in the garden before we open it up in June for the Secret Gardens.  It’s surprising too how open and overlooked it now feels.  The poor chickens have become a bit crowded by bushes surrounding their enclosure and stealing their light. Talking of chickens, our poor Angel is poorly too.  We had to rush her to the vets on Friday, she has a sinus infection and her eye is really swollen. She had an injection of antibiotics and is back tomorrow for another. Poor little chick, hope she gets better soon.  You can tell she’s not right, I can catch her when I want to pick her up.  Normally she’s too quick for me!


In amongst the doom and gloom I managed to take 5 and swoon over the lovely images inside my Country Living magazine. That, combined with a cup of hot tea & toasted fruit bread, really takes you away from it all, just for a little while.  Very refreshing.


I’ve been carrying on with my red & white granny square blanket.  It’s getting really, really close to being finished now.  I always seem to cram a bit more hooky time in when I can see the end is near, hence it making it into the bathroom at bath time again. I’ll be glad when this is done, it’s getting a wee bit cumbersome to keep carrying around.  At least I don’t have to crochet a ton of squares together.



I’ve had to do a bit of repair to my living room blinds too, this was the closest I’ve gotten to sewing.  My sewing machine is just sitting there, all lonely, desperately waiting for me to show it some attention. Next week, I promise……… xxx


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