Blanket #2 complete!

Finally, a happy, crafty, hooky post! Yay, I have finished the red & white granny square blanket. All 46 rows of it. I’m rather glad this is finished now, one, because I’ve had enough of working with those colours and two, because I’m desperate to get started on my next project. I’m going to be starting a blooming flower cushion, the pattern is from another lovely blog I follow called Attic 24. If you’re a lover of crochet then I’m sure you’ve come across it.

So here it is, lots of lovely rows of bright woollyness.

For some reason the middle looks a little skewiff, can’t quite work out why but it all adds to the handmade vibe. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway!

I decided upon a picot edging so I went around the whole edge with a dc stitch first.


As I was sitting there on the sofa doing this, my hubby looked over inspecting my work and said something along the lines of, ‘Well thats not very awe inspiring is it?’ Ha ha! I told him that was just the beginning of the end.

Next came the pretty bit.  It was actually very simple, these things often look far more complicated than they actually are. This is just a long foundation chain really joining to make loops.



 It’s nice trying new stitches and seeing it looking as it’s meant to. Means I must be doing something right!



This little project has been handed over now to its new owner, aka Lil’ D (my stepson). It was a nice easy one, very good for doing while you’re watching tv or chit-chatting away. I’m actually surprised at how quickly crochet has become a natural thing to me. 


Just before I go, I wanted to share a few pictures from a little trip to the seaside on easter Monday. I left my sunny garden and drove twenty minutes to the coast to find thick fog!


We couldn’t even see the sea. It was rather eerie watching the mist roll in from the sea right in front of us.



There were still plenty of visitors here, many to come and see the pirate ship, the grace darling. Doesn’t she look spooky? 

An ice cream for the boys and a kick about with a ball made for a nice couple of hours.

I’m off to have my dinner then make a start on crochet project #3!! Excited much x


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