Sunny Sunday


The weather was glorious last Sunday so we decided to scoop the family up and have a day out. It’s often hard work enticing the boys away from their boy pit with the lure of the ps4. The same old questions come, how long does it take to get there? What are we actually going to do there? How long do we have to stay? No enthusiasm at all! But we managed to prise them away and all bundled into the car. Off to North Wales, Llandudno to be precise. I’d never been before and was really looking forward to going. I’d always had this image of it being a bit of a rundown seaside town. A bit tacky and full of kiss me quick hats and teeth rotting rock. Not that there’s anything wrong with a bit of tack! But I do love to be beside the seaside and what a beautiful seaside it is. 



As we walked onto the pier, I looked up and saw the bunting flapping away against the bluest of skies. Little things like that make me stop in my tracks for just a minute and usually get my phone out and take a picture too. 

I love taking photos. They can tell a story and revive memories from good times. We’re very lucky in this digital world to have the luxury of being able to do this at the click of a button.


We let baby J loose on the pier and he absolutely loved it. He’s very intrigued by things around him and paid special attention to the sea. He was mesmerised and it doesn’t surprise me. It’s a very enchanting and exhilarating place to be.

Back on firm land, we wandered around. There was a most gorgeous Punch and Judy show. Sadly it wasn’t on when we were there but I’d love to come back and see what Baby J makes of it. The town itself was a busy one, lots of lovely shops to browse round.

And we had to stop and get the kids some ice cream here…

There seems to be a bit of an Alice through the looking glass theme around Llandudno, will definitely look into that. Very curious!!

All in all it was a fantastic day and even the kids enjoyed themselves. Next trip will be to Conwy just up the road from here, it looked stunning but deserves a whole day for us to explore it.

Just to finish off, I wanted to show you my progress on my latest project. The blooming flower cushion is coming on a treat!



Only a few more rounds to do and the front will be finished. Yay!!!

See you soon xx  


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