Special date night

Thursday 28th May was a date that had been on the calendar for a while now. I’d been given the challenge by the hubby, of securing tickets to see Sir Paul McCartney perform in his hometown of Liverpool. Bearing in mind this was going to be sold out in a matter of minutes, and it’s on his bucket list…… No pressure then! Well it was a very tense time I can tell you but with no expense spared, I did it! I was rather pleased with myself for the rest of the day and so relieved.

With babysitters organised and a quick tea gobbled down, we headed over the Mersey to the Echo arena. There were so many people. We knew it’d be busy but it was like Beatlemania all over again!

Once we managed to find the right queue, we moved steadily closer to the arena. I was wearing heels which doesn’t happen very often and now I remember why, ouchy! 

Finally we got to our seats and there we sat for over an hour waiting patiently for the stage to be graced with Sir Paul’s presence. My shoes came off the second we sat down, such a relief. We couldn’t even get a drink as the queue for the bar was miles long.

It was a full house.

When he did come on, wow what an entrance. I’m now going to bore you with a few snaps. Obviously you can’t really get a sense of the atmosphere from photos but it was electric.


He performed 40 songs that evening, with no breaks, what a man! Amazing for someone in their 70’s. It was very special for us in particular as we’re massive Beatles fans and ‘Hey Jude’ is our song, and also the reason we named our son Jude Harrison. It was our first dance at our wedding, which coincidentally took place at one of Paul McCartneys favourite local haunts in Rye, East Sussex. It’s a gorgeous boutique hotel, restaurant and pub called The George. When we were there to have our food tasting for the wedding, Paul McCartneys band just happened to check in! My hubby’s jaw just dropped. Apparently they stay there frequently as Paul has a house just a stones throw away. We did consider inviting him to our wedding to listen to our Beatles band but thought he’d probably be a wee bit busy!

All in all it was a fantastic evening, very surreal. Still hasn’t quite sunk in yet I don’t think that we were in the presence of such a legend.

Run a bit, walk a lot 

I’ve been trying to do more exercise lately, I really could do with losing a few lbs and toning up a bit. If you’re a woman of my age then you’ll know that things start going south a bit. And east and west, but never North! I’m so unfit though so I’m easing myself in gently. I decided to go for a run this morning and as we’re very lucky living on a peninsula we have our pick of gorgeous coastline, perfect for a gentle run. Lots of long, flat pathways with not many people about and a stunning view while you’re doing it. 

It was a bit grey this morning but surprisingly mild. Obviously Baby J was with me so pushing the buggy whilst running makes it so much harder.

Very conveniently, I had to make lots of stops to take some photos (catch my breath). I could only run a short distance then had to walk a bit. Run a bit more, walk a bit more…… 

There were quite a few other people around too. Some dog walkers, some cyclists, some birdwatchers but mainly runners. They all looked far more professional than me and I didn’t see one of them stop like me. But there was something quite lovely about it, like we all belonged to this little feel-good, fresh air, fitness family. Most of them acknowledged you with a nod or a knowing smile. It felt very wholesome and good.


I’d never come to this end of the beach before. There were lots of nautical things to photograph, yay!


I love the blues of these boats, you can imagine seeing them floating on the Mediterranean with the sun beating down on them. There was a carpet of seaweed just before the sand.

And plenty of sea sponge looking things…

The tide was way out, it looked like it was miles away. As we were heading back, a little bit of blue sky was appearing through the grey, a fine sunny day was on its way. 


Granny square what??

I’ve been plodding on with my granny squares, still with no clue what they’re going to become. Perhaps a cushion, possibly a small blanket……maybe? What else could I make with them?

I’ve been doing them in different colour ways just with odd balls of yarn I have that aren’t really enough to do anything big.

I am loving these colours together.

It’s so quick to whip up a mini granny square, just 3 rows. It feels like I’ve achieved a lot more in a short space of time! When I’ve done all four squares, I crochet them all together then add a final row around the whole thing to make it a bit more chunky. Soo many ends to darn in though!!!

That takes almost as much time as hooking up the whole thing!

I treated myself to a bunch of stocks this week, they’re looking mighty fine on my fireplace in the living room.

I also took the dogs out on a rather stressful walk yesterday, it’s such hard work with the two of them and the pram. I saw this while out and just had to take a photo…

The prettiest looking telephone wire I’ve ever seen! I bet health and safety would be all over it though if they saw it.

Bye for now xx

Back to nature


I’ve been getting lots of urges this past week to get outdoors in the fresh air and see some of mother nature’s creations . We are very lucky where we live to be just ten minutes away from the sea. So I popped down there the other day, just on the spur of the moment. It was just me & baby J and it was lovely.


The following morning after doing the school run, we popped to a coastal park for a quick play…


Baby J loves the freedom of being out and about but he does tend to want to go in the opposite direction!

The next morning, as the weather was still holding out, we went to another park. I intended to go for a run there but it became more of a walk with wildlife. We turned a corner and found a huge gathering of squirrels.


We’d come armed with a bag of chicken feed for the ducks, they loved it!





Thanks to the kindness of a lovely friend, we were able to go and visit a national trust property about half an hour from us called Speke Hall. Not only was it a great opportunity to drag the kids out for a few hours but I knew there was going to be bluebells there too. I’d been on the lookout for bluebells for weeks and didn’t want to miss them.


It was gorgeous, like a carpet of flowers. I was just breathing it all in.

Here’s the house. We had a good look around inside, it’s very well kept.



Well that’s all my tales for now. I’ll be back soon to show you what else I’ve been up to. I do hope you’ll come back to find out for yourself xxx 


I’ve been banished to my bedroom while there’s Very important clan wars business going on downstairs in play station land. I’ve brought up a dvd, big mug of tea, very fancy bar of chocolate brought home by the hubby and some crochet.

I’ve been longing to do some granny squares again so I grabbed a handful of yarn and just started. No real plan in mind, will just keep going and see where it takes me! Xx

A hard days work

The weather today was not too shabby so we grabbed at the chance to get loads done in the garden. It’s been difficult to get anything done lately with the weather.

The main job was the constructing of Baby J’s playhouse. It was way beyond my capabilities so it fell to my hubby. He enlisted the help of our eldest son and was teaching him some manly skills including how to use a drill. It was nice to see the kids getting involved and helping out. 

It seemed to come together quite quickly.


As with the majority of flat packs, there was, of course, missing parts. As well as a few extra ones too, about half a shed extra! So we’ll have to wait a bit to finish it off but it’s a perfect opportunity for me to paint it while we wait. Please Mr Weatherman can we have some nice sunny days this week?

The next job was a well overdue spring clean of the water feature. As you can see it’s covered in a gorgeous shade of algae green. With a bit of elbow grease it came up lovely.

A much cleaner home for our two goldfish. It’s very relaxing sitting here and listening to the sound of water. I wouldn’t mind looking out for a cute little chair with some age to it, to put just there to the right. Perfect for sitting and reading a book in complete peace & tranquility.

While I was pottering in the garden, I couldn’t resist taking a few snaps of some of the gorgeousness that’s growing…



Hope you’ve all had a pleasant weekend. 

Vicki xxx

And then there were 8. Again…

We had to say a very sad farewell to our little Chinese chicken today. Poor Lou-Mei has been quite bad for about a month. She’s had a bad sinus infection which made her eye swell up.

We had to keep her separated from the other girls to stop the spread of infection. I took her to the vets many times, getting some strange looks when people realise I’m bringing a chicken to the vets. She’s had various antibiotics, special food which we had to syringe feed her when she wouldn’t eat. She’s also had her eye drained twice but nothing was helping. She was getting rather smelly and looked like she was feeling very sorry for herself. Sadly the vet said there was nothing more that could be done for her so I made the difficult decision to say goodbye.

I won’t deny, there were a few tears shed. We’ve lost chickens before but it seems that bit harder when you have to make that choice yourself.

R.I.P. Lou-Mei xxx

Blooming Flower Cushion complete!

After finishing the front & main part of the cushion a few nights ago, I was keen to get cracking with the back. I couldn’t believe how fast it was taking shape. So fast in fact that I forgot to take any photos till right near the end.

True to form, I took my work in progress into the bathroom to continue while baby J splashed around. I found it incredibly hard to put this down.

The final row of the back is petals to give it a lovely finish. Later on that night, it was done. Just needed to darn in the ends.


How exciting! Just the putting together to do.

The cushion pad I used is one I already had. It’s a nice plump feather one but the feathers had a really bad habit of poking out and leaving a trail. I decided to run up a little cover for it on Jan. A really easy job that took all of 5 minutes.

It’s very rough but does the job perfectly. Now to attach the two sides together.

A nice quick single crochet all the way around to secure it nicely.

So…. Ta Dah!!!!!


I really am over the moon with how this turned out. Better than I’d imagined. It’s really nice to snuggle up with, just hope it stands the test of time, and kids…… ūüėČ

Meet Janome

I’d like to introduce you all to my new best friend, Janome. Or Jan for short.

The poor girl has only been waiting since November to be set up and given some attention. I’ve been putting it off and finding excuses as to why I hadn’t got her up and running, but ultimately, it was because I was scared. Silly I know.


Anyways, my first job was to get some thread onto a bobbin. I followed the instructions carefully, I really am a complete newbie to this sewing lark. Surprising really when my mum has been physically attached to a sewing machine her whole life. Some things must just take longer to rub off than others. 

I managed it fine and was rather pleased with myself. Little achievements eh! Next up was the threading of the machine. That too was fine, I even managed to thread the needle without my glasses.


Hurrah! Jan was all ready to sew! I grabbed a small scrap of fabric and started testing out all the different stitches.


Well there’s no stopping me now, the possibilities are endless. Especially with that enormous stash of gorgeous fabrics my lovely friend gave me a little while ago. I wonder what I’ll be making first?…….

Blooming beautifully 

The beautiful blossom blooming on our street.


The beautiful ceanothus in full flower at the bottom of our garden.

The queue at the Saturday morning bakery for beautiful bloomers!! It’s getting far too popular.

My blooming flower cushion, halfway complete.

I love the way it looks kind of 3D. It’s going to be a very tactile cushion, I can see it being fondled with quite regularly.

Happy May Bank Holiday to you all, I hope you have a blooming beautiful time xx