Meet Janome

I’d like to introduce you all to my new best friend, Janome. Or Jan for short.

The poor girl has only been waiting since November to be set up and given some attention. I’ve been putting it off and finding excuses as to why I hadn’t got her up and running, but ultimately, it was because I was scared. Silly I know.


Anyways, my first job was to get some thread onto a bobbin. I followed the instructions carefully, I really am a complete newbie to this sewing lark. Surprising really when my mum has been physically attached to a sewing machine her whole life. Some things must just take longer to rub off than others. 

I managed it fine and was rather pleased with myself. Little achievements eh! Next up was the threading of the machine. That too was fine, I even managed to thread the needle without my glasses.


Hurrah! Jan was all ready to sew! I grabbed a small scrap of fabric and started testing out all the different stitches.


Well there’s no stopping me now, the possibilities are endless. Especially with that enormous stash of gorgeous fabrics my lovely friend gave me a little while ago. I wonder what I’ll be making first?…….

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