And then there were 8. Again…

We had to say a very sad farewell to our little Chinese chicken today. Poor Lou-Mei has been quite bad for about a month. She’s had a bad sinus infection which made her eye swell up.

We had to keep her separated from the other girls to stop the spread of infection. I took her to the vets many times, getting some strange looks when people realise I’m bringing a chicken to the vets. She’s had various antibiotics, special food which we had to syringe feed her when she wouldn’t eat. She’s also had her eye drained twice but nothing was helping. She was getting rather smelly and looked like she was feeling very sorry for herself. Sadly the vet said there was nothing more that could be done for her so I made the difficult decision to say goodbye.

I won’t deny, there were a few tears shed. We’ve lost chickens before but it seems that bit harder when you have to make that choice yourself.

R.I.P. Lou-Mei xxx


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