A hard days work

The weather today was not too shabby so we grabbed at the chance to get loads done in the garden. It’s been difficult to get anything done lately with the weather.

The main job was the constructing of Baby J’s playhouse. It was way beyond my capabilities so it fell to my hubby. He enlisted the help of our eldest son and was teaching him some manly skills including how to use a drill. It was nice to see the kids getting involved and helping out. 

It seemed to come together quite quickly.


As with the majority of flat packs, there was, of course, missing parts. As well as a few extra ones too, about half a shed extra! So we’ll have to wait a bit to finish it off but it’s a perfect opportunity for me to paint it while we wait. Please Mr Weatherman can we have some nice sunny days this week?

The next job was a well overdue spring clean of the water feature. As you can see it’s covered in a gorgeous shade of algae green. With a bit of elbow grease it came up lovely.

A much cleaner home for our two goldfish. It’s very relaxing sitting here and listening to the sound of water. I wouldn’t mind looking out for a cute little chair with some age to it, to put just there to the right. Perfect for sitting and reading a book in complete peace & tranquility.

While I was pottering in the garden, I couldn’t resist taking a few snaps of some of the gorgeousness that’s growing…



Hope you’ve all had a pleasant weekend. 

Vicki xxx


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