Back to nature


I’ve been getting lots of urges this past week to get outdoors in the fresh air and see some of mother nature’s creations . We are very lucky where we live to be just ten minutes away from the sea. So I popped down there the other day, just on the spur of the moment. It was just me & baby J and it was lovely.


The following morning after doing the school run, we popped to a coastal park for a quick play…


Baby J loves the freedom of being out and about but he does tend to want to go in the opposite direction!

The next morning, as the weather was still holding out, we went to another park. I intended to go for a run there but it became more of a walk with wildlife. We turned a corner and found a huge gathering of squirrels.


We’d come armed with a bag of chicken feed for the ducks, they loved it!





Thanks to the kindness of a lovely friend, we were able to go and visit a national trust property about half an hour from us called Speke Hall. Not only was it a great opportunity to drag the kids out for a few hours but I knew there was going to be bluebells there too. I’d been on the lookout for bluebells for weeks and didn’t want to miss them.


It was gorgeous, like a carpet of flowers. I was just breathing it all in.

Here’s the house. We had a good look around inside, it’s very well kept.



Well that’s all my tales for now. I’ll be back soon to show you what else I’ve been up to. I do hope you’ll come back to find out for yourself xxx 


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