Granny square what??

I’ve been plodding on with my granny squares, still with no clue what they’re going to become. Perhaps a cushion, possibly a small blanket……maybe? What else could I make with them?

I’ve been doing them in different colour ways just with odd balls of yarn I have that aren’t really enough to do anything big.

I am loving these colours together.

It’s so quick to whip up a mini granny square, just 3 rows. It feels like I’ve achieved a lot more in a short space of time! When I’ve done all four squares, I crochet them all together then add a final row around the whole thing to make it a bit more chunky. Soo many ends to darn in though!!!

That takes almost as much time as hooking up the whole thing!

I treated myself to a bunch of stocks this week, they’re looking mighty fine on my fireplace in the living room.

I also took the dogs out on a rather stressful walk yesterday, it’s such hard work with the two of them and the pram. I saw this while out and just had to take a photo…

The prettiest looking telephone wire I’ve ever seen! I bet health and safety would be all over it though if they saw it.

Bye for now xx


One thought on “Granny square what??

  1. Paardje May 26, 2015 / 1:21 am

    I’m working on my own granny squares now too. It’s definitely the ends that wreck the party :/

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