Special date night

Thursday 28th May was a date that had been on the calendar for a while now. I’d been given the challenge by the hubby, of securing tickets to see Sir Paul McCartney perform in his hometown of Liverpool. Bearing in mind this was going to be sold out in a matter of minutes, and it’s on his bucket list…… No pressure then! Well it was a very tense time I can tell you but with no expense spared, I did it! I was rather pleased with myself for the rest of the day and so relieved.

With babysitters organised and a quick tea gobbled down, we headed over the Mersey to the Echo arena. There were so many people. We knew it’d be busy but it was like Beatlemania all over again!

Once we managed to find the right queue, we moved steadily closer to the arena. I was wearing heels which doesn’t happen very often and now I remember why, ouchy! 

Finally we got to our seats and there we sat for over an hour waiting patiently for the stage to be graced with Sir Paul’s presence. My shoes came off the second we sat down, such a relief. We couldn’t even get a drink as the queue for the bar was miles long.

It was a full house.

When he did come on, wow what an entrance. I’m now going to bore you with a few snaps. Obviously you can’t really get a sense of the atmosphere from photos but it was electric.


He performed 40 songs that evening, with no breaks, what a man! Amazing for someone in their 70’s. It was very special for us in particular as we’re massive Beatles fans and ‘Hey Jude’ is our song, and also the reason we named our son Jude Harrison. It was our first dance at our wedding, which coincidentally took place at one of Paul McCartneys favourite local haunts in Rye, East Sussex. It’s a gorgeous boutique hotel, restaurant and pub called The George. When we were there to have our food tasting for the wedding, Paul McCartneys band just happened to check in! My hubby’s jaw just dropped. Apparently they stay there frequently as Paul has a house just a stones throw away. We did consider inviting him to our wedding to listen to our Beatles band but thought he’d probably be a wee bit busy!

All in all it was a fantastic evening, very surreal. Still hasn’t quite sunk in yet I don’t think that we were in the presence of such a legend.


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