It’s a……cushion!

Hello! I’ve been beavering away here with my granny squares, you know, the ones that I wasn’t too sure what they’d grow up to be? Sometimes it’s been hard to see any progress what with baby J trying to get in on the action.


After I’d finished four whole squares I put them up against each other and decided they were definitely destined to be a nice, cosy cushion which would be lovely in my bedroom. It also worked out well that there was just enough cream wool to complete the job.

I wanted both sides of the cushion to be the same so as I knew exactly what I was doing I set to, making up these little beauties.

They’re so cute! I could quite happily have a little basket of these just sitting next to me all the time, no need for them to become anything, just be little baby granny squares, to have and to hold. However, these babies were growing up and becoming a cushion, so I gave them all a round of cream.

I do love to see them all stacked up in a neat pile. Just those dreaded ends to contend with.

Now at the moment, we’re in the middle of having a brand new kitchen fitted. I’m super excited about this and will tell you all about it soon. But it’s very chaotic having our kitchen all packed up, food in boxes in the living room and having to keep ourselves confined to one room. During the day the dogs have to be kept in there with us too so they don’t get under people’s feet and it’s been very restricting as to what I can do. I decided crochet was the only option so today’s achievements were great.

Eight lovely squares, made with love.

All crocheted together and encompassing a plump, feather, squishy cushion pad. But it needed something else..

A nice scalloped edging. And a snoring dog by my feet.


I’m really pleased with this and surprised at how quick it all came together in the end. Now, what’s next??! xxx


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