The chaos before the calm

Hello! I just thought I’d pop into blog land for a bit as I’ve not been here much lately. Things are very messy here at the moment. We’ve been having a new kitchen fitted and it’s gone from being one week into almost two! What with wonky walls, ancient fuse boards and everything else that comes with owning an old house it’s been quite a tricky one for our builders. But the end is near, I can just see that little LED light at the end of the long tunnel that is home improvement. I just need my house back now, and my freedom to be able to go out. The four walls of my living room, lovely as they are, are becoming a bit of a prison now and I want to escape. Escape outdoors where the sun is shining and the air is fresh.

We did manage to have our first breakfast Al Fresco the other morning which was wonderful. Almost feels like you’re on holiday.  Long may this glorious weather last, so I can get out and enjoy it.

I’ll be back soon, when the builders have gone, my home is looking more beautiful and calm has been restored. Xxx


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