Allium Amore

Hello, I hope you’ve had a good weekend? We’ve been out all day today in Birmingham at the BBC Gardeners World Live exhibition. We had a great but exhausting time. We covered an awful lot of ground and saw some amazing things, but these HAVE to be my favourites…..


Aren’t they just stunning? This next one reminds me of fireworks exploding.



They’re like beautiful Pom poms bobbing about.


Plenty more where these came from…


I was going to apologise for the amount of pictures but then thought, no! I’m not sorry, these are gorgeous. Who wouldn’t want to look at these??


I was being very restrained with my picture taking all day until we came across the Alliums. In fact I hadn’t taken a single photo, then it all went a bit downhill. They’re such amazing, structural plants. They almost don’t look real they’re that perfect.

I was going to leave it there then I came across another absolute favourite …


I adore hydrangeas, they make such a statement I think. I have half a dozen of last years flowers dried and in vases around the house. Their colour is so me, that vintage greeny, pinky shade. Lovely. 



Those last ones look like they’re made of paper. So very delicate.

We bought a lovely selection of plants there, we hadn’t intended to but they just finish off our garden perfectly, ready for our Secret Gardens event next weekend. Of course, that included an Allium or three…



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