Bye, bye, bye, Delilah

Very sad news to bring you today from the coop. We had to let our beautiful Barnevelder, Delilah go to chicken heaven. She’d been acting strangely for a little while and in the last few days had gone downhill fast. She was very disoriented, lethargic and barely touching her food. We ran her down to the vets this morning but straight away he said it was clear she’d been seriously ill for a while. It can be really difficult to detect in birds. He said it was kinder to let her go now rather than wait for the inevitable. It was so sad, tears were shed. Even my hubby was choked up.

R.I.P Delilah


Colourful progress

I finally got the gist of the popcorn stitch and finished off the flowers I’d already started. 

Fifteen of them to be precise. Not much of a dent out of the 190 that I need to make my large blanket! I should really make all the flowers first but I really wanted to get started joining them together so I could see some progress. The method used in this pattern in join-as-you-go which is new to me. It took me ages to try and get my head round it. I think they make it far more complicated in the book than it needs to be.  My brain was frazzled!

   By the time I’d got to the 4th one I kind of got it and didn’t need to keep referring to the book. I was on a roll so carried on my work upstairs while the ps4 was being played downstairs. 
 I made good progress and by around midnight I’d joined all 15 flowers… 

   This morning I’ve been playing with colour. These are all the different colours I’m using for the flowers… 
It really helps to see them laid out like this so you can see which colours work well together. Though they weren’t there for long as Baby J decided they made really good play things!

I have one week to get a camping crochet project together. If I can make a load more flowers this week I might take this to work on. I don’t want to be taking loads of wool with me so will have to see.

I’m so happy to be hooking again ūüėä

Love for the man

I’m a very lucky lady. I know I am and I really do appreciate it. I wanted to take the opportunity to give a little shoutout to my hubby who makes all this possible. He works in a job he doesn’t love to provide for his family. He provides enough for the both of us so I have the choice to stay home and look after our children, home & menagerie. He makes it possible for me to write this blog, He’s a fantastic father to our children. He’s a thoughtful and caring husband. He puts up with my crazy crafting that often takes over the house and doesn’t blink an eye if I come home with a big stash of wool/fabric/paint for my next project. He lets me choose how to decorate the house. He’s generous to a fault, in fact sometimes I have reign him in a bit & keep a check on the purse strings! Like when we were getting the kitchen done, he brought home loads of new goodies to go in the finished room…. 

He also got this pretty dinner set which goes very well with the new wallpaper. I’ve already said its only for best! 

Now all this was in the sale and then he got his work discount on top so I couldn’t be cross with him, it was an absolute bargain so I definitely approve. 

And then the other day while we were out, he practically insisted I get this for my healthy water… 

It’s gorgeous isn’t it? It certainly encourages me to drink more. And for parties you could make cocktails or pimms!! Yummy!

So yes, I’m extremely lucky. I know our marriage is all about teamwork, we complement each other. We’re best friends, soul mates and love spending every moment we can together. 

The men behind us ladies often get overlooked so how about giving them a little round of applause for all they do and show some appreciation?

Vicki x

Confessions of a crochet dodger

Forgive me crafters, for I have sinned. It’s been 48 days since I last crocheted. I’m desperate to get back into it so have just grabbed my basket brimming with wool, my little flowers (half done) and my hook.

  The only trouble is, I think I’ve forgotten how to crochet!!! Disaster!!
So, it’s back to basics. Get the book out and follow one step at a time.  

 Hopefully, in the next hour, I should have re-mastered the popcorn stitch to finish off these flowers.

We’re going camping in a week and a half so would love to take a crochet project along to work on. Can just see it now, sitting outdoors in the sunshine, kids playing out, glass of wine, good company and crochet. Lovely x

The Baking Room

Hello! Well it’s finally time to show you all the work that’s happened in our kitchen, or as I like to think of it now, the baking room! I’ve been in the mood for baking lots recently, wonder if it’s anything to do with the new kitchen? Let’s hope this mood is here to stay.

I took just a couple of before pictures, just before it got ripped out and taken back to nothing.

We decided to keep the floor as it was, the range cooker, dishwasher and the island. Everything else has changed though. We’re lucky to have a really good sized kitchen and it has high ceilings so we tried our best to make the most of that and chose an ikea kitchen which is a bit more flexible. That also helped us overcome our odd shaped room. It has a funny angle on one side.

Here’s a few progress pictures to see how it came together.   
   Now I know the units are incredibly high but it creates a lot of useful storage which would be just dead space otherwise. We’ve already filled all those cupboards, it’s amazing how easy it was. I have a handy little step-stool to help me reach.
So here’s the finished product… 


 The work tops are solid oak so weren’t cheap but I’m so happy with how they look. They took about 6 coats of oil before we could use them and will need a light sand and oil every year but they’ll last us for at least 20 years if we look after them well.
I’m loving the Belfast style sink too, it’s huge! 

It took surprisingly more effort than it should have but I got my shelf above the sink to have all my jars on. Been waiting ages to use my chalk pen & labels. 

 On the other side of the kitchen is one of my favourite parts, the dresser unit. 

 Finally got all my lovely collections on proud display, including my beautiful TG Green Cornishware. My hubby and I have been collecting this for as long as we’ve been together. I’m always on the look out for more to add to it, if anyone sees a coffee pot lid please let me know!

Did you spot the wallpaper? It’s lovely isn’t it? 

 I saw it in my Ideal Home magazine and had been looking for ages without any luck. I just knew it was the one as soon as I saw it. It was available online only, and was quite expensive but I’m so glad we went for it. It really finishes the look off. 

 Makes a nice backdrop for my vintage tins bought at auction a few years ago. As you can see I’ve used every last bit of available display space! Here’s my jug collection on top of another cupboard.  

And finally, after some gentle nagging, my hubby put up my tin signs which I love so much. 

   I’m so happy that it’s all finished now, it was quite stressfull while the work was getting done, but so worth it. 

I’m off to The Baking Room now to get my apron on and bake some yummy cakes and cookies. See you all soon, Vicki xx

Beach hut playhouse

Apologies for the ridiculous delay in bringing you this post. I wanted to have it finished AGES ago but unfortunately the company we ordered the playhouse from were, let’s just say, lacking somewhat in customer service skills and generally bloody useless! BUT, we got there in the end.

So, a couple of months ago we decided to spend Baby J’s hard earned savings on a nice wooden playhouse for the garden. By ripping out our old shed, we created a little area that would be just for him as the rest of our garden isn’t really a children’s garden. My hubby worked hard building the shell, with a little help from our eldest son. 

Things kind of came to a standstill around here as we were awaiting missing parts. This gave me the perfect opportunity to start painting. I’d had in my mind for ages how I wanted it to look so got started straight away.  

This took absolutely loads of coats, at least 4, but I didn’t mind too much as I enjoy painting. There was about another six week wait after this point before our missing window parts arrived. Once they did, I painted them up and they got fitted. 

Ta Dah!!! Looking pretty good I think! We just need some sand and we could be in a little beach hut by the sea. Here’s a little panoramic view of the inside… 

All that’s left is some faffing from me now to make the inside more exciting. 

Watch this space xxx


Today, I started off full of good intentions to be healthy. 

I’m yet to have the green tea but I have drunk about 4 glasses of lemon water.

Today, I saved this fabulous little chair from landfill. Baby J is made up with it. Just need to wash the cover as its a bit grubby.

Today, I blitzed the dining room and bought it these pretty little flowers for ¬£1. Yes, one whole pound!! 

Today, I cleaned out the chickens. Not easy when they’re pecking at your toes I can tell you. Especially Natasha here, she’s the worst for it.

Today, I spent a few minutes with a cup of tea in the garden, chilling with one of the dogs. She’s a proper sun worshipper. 

Today, I couldn’t resist capturing some of the growing gorgeousness in our back garden. 

Do you love my heart shaped tomatoes growing there? My hubby bought them knowing I’m mad for anything heart shaped.

Today, I had a nice healthy dinner.

Huge mistake though, to try and eat it while baby J was still awake. Silly Vicki.

Now here’s the dilemma. My hubby is away with work tonight, do I take the opportunity to have control of the TV? Do I dust off the sewing machine and see what I can run up? Do I finally get my crochet hooks out of semi-retirement and watch the TV too? Or do I have a pamper evening? Think I’ll put the baby to bed, pour a little glass of wine and decide while watering the garden.

Hope you’ve all had a good day today xxx

Road trip to the Yorkshire Dales

A while ago now I bought an Amazon local deal for a family entry to Bolton castle. It wasn’t until after I’d paid that I realised it wasn’t quite as local as I’d thought. But hey, it was a perfect excuse to go a bit further afield and pay a visit to my beautiful birthplace of Yorkshire. So last Saturday, we headed off to the dales.

We stopped off in a lovely village called Leyburn for a bite to eat. It was a bustling place full of visitors and locals alike, sampling all the local produce from the many shops.

It had a nice, relaxed atmosphere about it. The photos really don’t do this village justice. 

So, we arrived at the castle after a short drive from the village. It took us through the most beautiful country lanes with views of rolling lush green hills. The sun was shining for us too, perfect!

It was very impressive and as you’d expect has an awful lot of history behind it.

 The kids seemed to enjoy themselves despite their initial groans about the journey. The grounds of the castle had a maze, birds of prey and some sheep, staying cool in the shade. 

These roses were so fragrant, I could smell them before I could see them.

 Our time at the castle came to an end but we weren’t done with Yorkshire yet. We decided to stop off in Harrogate on our way home for a little wander and some dinner.

Harrogate is a beautiful place, we’ll definitely have to go back and spend the whole day there. I’d like to have a posh afternoon tea here…. 

The famous Betty’s tea rooms. The window displays were fantastic and all the staff wore traditional Victorian dress.

Well, Yorkshire has become another favourite place, it always has held a little piece of my heart anyway as I was born here. Everywhere you look around The Dales is just B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L.

I promise I’ll be back soon to show you my kitchen. I’m just waiting on a couple of finishing touches for it to be absolutely finished!! Xx