Road trip to the Yorkshire Dales

A while ago now I bought an Amazon local deal for a family entry to Bolton castle. It wasn’t until after I’d paid that I realised it wasn’t quite as local as I’d thought. But hey, it was a perfect excuse to go a bit further afield and pay a visit to my beautiful birthplace of Yorkshire. So last Saturday, we headed off to the dales.

We stopped off in a lovely village called Leyburn for a bite to eat. It was a bustling place full of visitors and locals alike, sampling all the local produce from the many shops.

It had a nice, relaxed atmosphere about it. The photos really don’t do this village justice. 

So, we arrived at the castle after a short drive from the village. It took us through the most beautiful country lanes with views of rolling lush green hills. The sun was shining for us too, perfect!

It was very impressive and as you’d expect has an awful lot of history behind it.

 The kids seemed to enjoy themselves despite their initial groans about the journey. The grounds of the castle had a maze, birds of prey and some sheep, staying cool in the shade. 

These roses were so fragrant, I could smell them before I could see them.

 Our time at the castle came to an end but we weren’t done with Yorkshire yet. We decided to stop off in Harrogate on our way home for a little wander and some dinner.

Harrogate is a beautiful place, we’ll definitely have to go back and spend the whole day there. I’d like to have a posh afternoon tea here…. 

The famous Betty’s tea rooms. The window displays were fantastic and all the staff wore traditional Victorian dress.

Well, Yorkshire has become another favourite place, it always has held a little piece of my heart anyway as I was born here. Everywhere you look around The Dales is just B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L.

I promise I’ll be back soon to show you my kitchen. I’m just waiting on a couple of finishing touches for it to be absolutely finished!! Xx


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