Beach hut playhouse

Apologies for the ridiculous delay in bringing you this post. I wanted to have it finished AGES ago but unfortunately the company we ordered the playhouse from were, let’s just say, lacking somewhat in customer service skills and generally bloody useless! BUT, we got there in the end.

So, a couple of months ago we decided to spend Baby J’s hard earned savings on a nice wooden playhouse for the garden. By ripping out our old shed, we created a little area that would be just for him as the rest of our garden isn’t really a children’s garden. My hubby worked hard building the shell, with a little help from our eldest son. 

Things kind of came to a standstill around here as we were awaiting missing parts. This gave me the perfect opportunity to start painting. I’d had in my mind for ages how I wanted it to look so got started straight away.  

This took absolutely loads of coats, at least 4, but I didn’t mind too much as I enjoy painting. There was about another six week wait after this point before our missing window parts arrived. Once they did, I painted them up and they got fitted. 

Ta Dah!!! Looking pretty good I think! We just need some sand and we could be in a little beach hut by the sea. Here’s a little panoramic view of the inside… 

All that’s left is some faffing from me now to make the inside more exciting. 

Watch this space xxx

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