Love for the man

I’m a very lucky lady. I know I am and I really do appreciate it. I wanted to take the opportunity to give a little shoutout to my hubby who makes all this possible. He works in a job he doesn’t love to provide for his family. He provides enough for the both of us so I have the choice to stay home and look after our children, home & menagerie. He makes it possible for me to write this blog, He’s a fantastic father to our children. He’s a thoughtful and caring husband. He puts up with my crazy crafting that often takes over the house and doesn’t blink an eye if I come home with a big stash of wool/fabric/paint for my next project. He lets me choose how to decorate the house. He’s generous to a fault, in fact sometimes I have reign him in a bit & keep a check on the purse strings! Like when we were getting the kitchen done, he brought home loads of new goodies to go in the finished room…. 

He also got this pretty dinner set which goes very well with the new wallpaper. I’ve already said its only for best! 

Now all this was in the sale and then he got his work discount on top so I couldn’t be cross with him, it was an absolute bargain so I definitely approve. 

And then the other day while we were out, he practically insisted I get this for my healthy water… 

It’s gorgeous isn’t it? It certainly encourages me to drink more. And for parties you could make cocktails or pimms!! Yummy!

So yes, I’m extremely lucky. I know our marriage is all about teamwork, we complement each other. We’re best friends, soul mates and love spending every moment we can together. 

The men behind us ladies often get overlooked so how about giving them a little round of applause for all they do and show some appreciation?

Vicki x


2 thoughts on “Love for the man

  1. Child of God July 24, 2015 / 11:22 pm

    Very cute stuff. I absolutely love the pattern of the dishes. My hubby can be sweet like that too. I came home from work today to 3 skeins of yarn. He found them at a thrift store for quite a bargain. ūüôā

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