Bunting for fairies 

A few weeks ago I decided it was high time to dust off Jan (my sewing machine) and actually make something. Now a lot of people already know about my mini obsession with bunting. I already have 2 sets hanging in my dining room plus the paper bunting I made. You can see my blog post about that here Mini paper bunting. Even the chickens have their own bunting in their little corner of the garden! But this bunting was going to be for a very good friend of mine who goes by the name of Fairykate. As you can probably tell, her mini obsession is with fairies! You know, the mystical kind that live at the bottom of your garden. So, Jan was all ready to go… 

 and so was I. Fabric was all cut out with pinking shears. This pair are so old, I think they were possibly my nans. 

 I decided to make 2 sets, one normal and one mini. 

   I just love this material, it reminds me of my childhood, not sure why. 
 Its so quick to run up once everything is cut out and ready… 

   Here it is hanging in the fairy garden.. 
 I wonder if the fairies have been out dancing underneath their bunting at nighttime when everyone else is tucked up in bed? 🍄🌝

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