Tales from Wales: part one

Last week, we packed up the car, squeezed ourselves in like sardines and headed off to Aberystwyth in Wales for our camping trip. We hadn’t been camping for four whole years! I’m not sure why it’d been that long but we were all very excited. We were going with friends too which was really nice. After about a three hour journey, with a stop off for a travel sickness incident , we arrived. It was a lovely spot, right on the coast.

It was open to the elements though and putting up tents in gale force winds was quite a task!

We got there eventually and were very grateful for no rain too. So, here’s our home for the next week…

Yes, I made bunting for the tent! A little sad/extreme/weird I know, but I like it!

I took a wander later to get a few photos…

It really is a beautiful place, I do love being by the sea & close to nature.  Just breathing deep and filling my lungs with that fresh sea air, it’s so relaxing and all your cares just drift away.

After a terrible first nights sleep, we awoke and had the best cooked breakfast, courtesy of the hubby. Just what was needed to set us up for a dreary day. The weather forecast had said our first and last day would be warm & sunny, but the rest would be chilly & rainy. We piled into the cars and set off for a lovely butterfly house not too far away. It’s in a very scenic location, right by a massive lake and overlooked by a huge hillside of vegetation. We were lucky enough to be there just as a steam train chuffed along the hillside. We went on that very train six years ago and it was an amazing journey which takes you to the devils waterfalls.

The butterfly house was so warm & humid, it was hard to stay in there for long. We saw some stunning butterflies from all over the world. It’s hard to get good photos as they’re constantly moving but here’s just a couple I managed.

We finished off the evening with mugs of hot chocolate and marshmallows, and a game of monopoly. 

 It’s rather nice being all cosy in your tent and hearing the rain lashing down.

I’ll leave it there for now, but I’ll be back soon with part two. Thanks for stopping by ❤️


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