Tales from Wales: part two

I did lots and lots of walking while we were in Wales. This was largely to try and get Baby J to sleep. Not being at home in our usual routine really threw his sleep out the window. There was a coastal walk leading right from our campsite, so one morning I decided to give it a go.

I love to explore new areas, especially when they’re in a beautiful setting like this.  In an ideal world I’d have just kept going but pushing a buggy uphill, over rough terrain and on the edge of a very steep cliff edge put a stop to that. In fact within a few minutes of being rocked about and up and down, he was asleep! I’d got far enough to see the most stunning heather.

It was quite a drop down there, but I couldn’t resist getting a picture. 

Later that day we all ventured into the local town of Aberystwyth. It’s a lovely little place with some gorgeous architecture. Lots of windy little streets full of colourful painted buildings. There are plenty of independent shops too which I always like to see. The men and kids went to the arcades so I decided to have a stroll along the front.

It’s funny how memories come flooding back when you visit somewhere you’ve been years before. We visited all these same places six years ago and nothing much has really changed.

On the Thursday morning, the weather was horrendous. The rain was hammering down on the tent. We were running out of indoor, rainy day things to do. We’d already been to the indoor pool twice. We pottered about in the tent for a while, then by late morning the weather had changed completely into the most glorious sunshine! Very bizarre indeed. The boys headed over to the field to play some football and I popped baby J in his buggy and went for a “get him to sleep walkies “. I came to the entrance of a long, long path that leads to Aberystwyth. I thought, how many times can I walk around and around the campsite? I decided to just walk a little way up the path to get him to sleep and see where it lead. 

Every time I got a bit further, I said to myself, I’ll just go up to the next bend. Curiosity was getting the better of me, I just kept going and going. It turned into the most wonderful walk. Baby J had drifted off to dreamland and although I was huffing and puffing pushing him uphill, I was loving every minute. I stopped regularly for breath and of course photos! It was the most picturesque view, I felt like I was on the edge of a Mediterranean island. The sun was beating down and glistening on the sea.

Finally, I reached the very top of the cliff. The view was breathtaking.

 I stopped for a few moments to take in the scenery and soak up all that blue sea. I was amazed to know I’d walked that far. I could see the pier in Aberystwyth where we’d just been. I was also aware that the others would soon be wondering where I’d got to, so I started to make my way back to the campsite. The walk back was far quicker than the way there. I’d worked up quite an appetite and was craving Pringles and dip & a nice glass of wine in the sun. And that’s exactly what I had when I reached the tent . It was so nice, what a difference the weather can make. I sat and actually got my yarn out, something I didn’t get much opportunity to do.

Back with part 3 soon xxx


3 thoughts on “Tales from Wales: part two

    • Vicki August 15, 2015 / 7:55 am

      Ha ha, that was one of the first things on my list to pack ! Unfortunately didn’t get chance to do much though. X

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