Tales from Wales: part three

So, our last full day is upon us, and it’s beautiful and sunny, yay! We’re all a little sunburnt after yesterday afternoons surprise weather but today we’re armed with factor 30 so bring it on! A nice day out is planned to a coastal animal park in Cardigan, just over an hour away. Everywhere you go in Wales is via little country roads and through pretty picturesque villages. It made a nice drive to our destination. Once we got there, we paid and made our way to see the animals. The location was just gorgeous.

Lots of wildflowers around, they make such an impact en masse. The animals were very friendly, I couldn’t really get many good photos of them but there were cows, chickens, emu, goats, llamas, kune kune pigs (especially cute), sheep, Shetland ponies, a donkey and seals (wild in the sea).   

As you follow the trail around the animals, it leads you right along the edge of the country looking over to cardigan island. It was so breathtakingly beautiful, I couldn’t stop taking photos. Luckily for you, I’ve condensed them right down and picked the best of the bunch!

This spot here was where we saw the seals. We saw one just chilling as if he was lying on his back being carried along by the rapids in centre parcs! He didn’t stay around for long and no one else got to see him so we were really lucky. We stopped here and ate our picnic, a yummy selection from the delicatessen at morrisons. After we were stuffed full, we took a slow walk back towards the beginning. There was a fantastic park here for the kids..

Baby J loved the slide, in fact he pretty much owned it for the duration of our stay.

We stopped here for a drink in the cafe, I was really impressed with their facilities. They had a huge building containing the reception/gift shop, a large cafe seating area and exceptionally clean toilets. In one corner was a fenced off area with giant building blocks, there was also a ride on tractor and giant connect 4. To the side of this was a table set up full of wooden puzzles and educational magazines, and around the room was racks with children’s books. It was so well thought out, I’d highly recommend it. There’s actually camping available on the site, which includes unlimited free entry to the park which is amazing. Perhaps a future holiday destination ?? We finished the perfect day with fish and chips eaten from the paper looking out to sea, then back to the tent to start packing up.

Next morning, we woke early to get ready to leave. It was another lovely day, and on my way to the toilet blocks, there was some low cloud hovering, at what seemed like eye-level. 

We got ourselves sorted without any delays and by ten, we were saying farewell to our temporary home. We’d had a really nice time, definitely got the camping bug again. We wouldn’t come back to this campsite again, we’ve been to lots nicer in the past, but the location was beautiful.

We stopped off half way at Bala lake for a bite to eat.

Wales is such a beautiful place to visit. I always imagine if you were to look at it from above, it would look like a huge patchwork blanket made out of the most lush, green shades, bordered by a frilly blue sea. We are so incredibly lucky to have this so close to us, we will be back there soon I’m sure.



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