New girls

I’d like to introduce you to our two new chickens, named Georgia and Matilda. My hubby had been looking into getting some new feathered friends for a few days, then the other day, he just happened to take the long way home from work ( via North Wales!!) and arrived home with these two…

Pretty aren’t they? Georgia is the white one on the left. She’s a Light Sussex, and as we got married in East Sussex at The George, I decided that’s what she should be called. A bit of a tenuous link I know!

We always let our new girls have a run around the living room and have a few cuddles before we introduce them to the other chickens. That’s the difficult but necessary bit. There’s always going to be a bit of a scuffle when you put new girls in, it’s a territorial thing. There’s always a pecking order and it’s a completely natural ritual that has to take place. That doesn’t make it any easier though. A few feathers were shed but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

Our big fluff ball Honey is a bit poorly at the moment. She has a sinus infection like a couple of our other girls have had this year. Antibiotics haven’t touched it so she’s going into the vets this week to get it drained. Poor girl ūüėĒ

We’re keeping her separate from the others so it doesn’t spread, and we let her roam around the living room last night. After a bit of walking around, she tucked herself into a corner and went to sleep.

Today was a gorgeous day weather wise, so we let all the girls loose in the garden.

Baby J loves the chickens so much

And the dogs too…

These two are so cute together 

Vicki xxx



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