No room in the coop

We have another two lovely ladies joining our brood, bringing us up to eleven! That’s it now, the coop is full! These two are small ones, around a year old.

Welcome Rolo, our first ever chocolate frizzle….

She’s about to start moulting and she’s getting a little bit picked on by some of our longer standing girls. Aw, poor thing!

And here’s Bluebell, our Blue Pekin. Don’t you think her beautiful plumes look like a big fluffy cloud?

While they’re settling in, we still have a poorly Honey. She had her procedure at the vets over a week ago and she’s only just showing signs of the swelling slowly going down. She’s been indoors with us at night and has had the run of the garden during the day. She’s fine in herself, still is eating and drinking her antibiotics, just not laying.

I have so many different blog posts to bring you, I’ve gotten very behind. So I’ll see you very soon, lovely chatting with you. 

Vicki xx


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