Mum & daughter craft time 

When I say mum & daughter, I’m actually not the parent this time. I had a surprise visit from my lovely mum, who is super talented. I like to think that I get a lot of my creative urges from her. My mum lives about a five hour drive from me ( on a good day) so we only get to see each other about twice a year. We’re both busy ladies so when we do get together there’s an awful lot of cramming in to be done.

My mum has loved sewing since she was a young girl and has spent most of her working life doing it for a living. I can’t believe it’s taken me till now to really get into it. 

We decided this visit, to make some cushion covers for my living room, cos you can never have enough cushions, right? So off we popped to my local fabric shop / my mums version of heaven. They don’t have any places like this near her and despite her promising herself that she’d be good & not buy any fabric to take home, she couldn’t resist. Baby J was very well behaved considering he usually hates shops that I could spend hours browsing through. He found himself some sparkly sequins on the floor which amused him for quite a while.

We found some suitable fabric for cushions amongst other future projects and left for home to get the sewing machine fired up.

Now, I’d like to apologise for the poor pictures coming up, the light wasn’t great.

These were going to be great big, soft, squidgy cushions. And they were going to have zips too, this was a first for me. I’d avoided zips up till now but I guess it was inevitable that I’d have to face them at some point.

Now zip time…

I’d said to my mum that I’d prefer to do the actual sewing myself so that I could learn from experience rather than watch her. I did take a while longer, but think I did quite a neat job in the end. It’s very satisfying too, finishing a project that you never thought you could do. 

And here they are, cottons trimmed, ironed and ready for the gigantic feather inserts.

Sewing is such a quick craft, and you get results in minutes. Not the hours, days, weeks and months that crochet can take. But it’s also anti-social, I can’t exactly sit with everyone else watching TV with the sewing machine on my lap! But I can enjoy my new squishy cushions.



One thought on “Mum & daughter craft time 

  1. Paardje September 1, 2015 / 2:44 am

    How nice, crafting with mum 🙂 Lovely cushion covers ❤ Maybe someday I'll learn machine sewing too.

    Liked by 1 person

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