All the T’s

This post is not about sewing. Nor is it about crochet or crafting. It’s about all the T’s in my life at the moment, toddlers, tantrums, terrible twos, teenager trials and tribulations and the tiredness. I am so tired lately. I’m just non-stop all through the day and by the evening I’m so drained and have no energy at all.

I’m having a really tough time at the moment with Baby J, aka The devil in disguise. Friday morning he just woke up a different child. I have no idea what has gotten into him. I’ve been a bit lax lately with bedtimes and mealtimes. It’s all gone a bit out of routine, maybe that has something to do with it? Perhaps, but I fear it’s more than that. I fear the terrible twos are around the corner and it’s only going to get worse.

He’s gone from loving most foods to turning up his nose to all his favourites. Some days he’s barely eaten a thing. He’s usually full of smiles but more and more frowns & whines are creeping in. He’s become so naughty. Tipping bowls of food onto the floor while giving me that look as if to say,”if u think I’m eating that you’ve got another thing coming!” Wanting something , so you pass it to him just for him to refuse it. He ‘s got into this really bad habit of sticking his fingers down his throat and almost choking. He actually made himself sick doing it the other day, all over my poor hubby while we were out shopping. Of course, the first thing I did when we got home was to google it, as us neurotic parents do regularly. Turns out it’s very common and he should grow out of it by the time he’s three. I  have to have super powers, scanning a room in two seconds flat to see what cupboards need locking, what breakables need moving, which remotes/phones/controllers need putting up out of reach. Shutting doors and gates,here, there & everywhere. It’s all about containing. And once contained, the destruction begins.

The climbing is the hardest thing right now. He’s so quick, before you know it he’s standing on the back of the sofa pulling the lamp over. With the biggest grin on his face I might add. Tonight he climbed onto his little chair, onto the arm of it, then onto the fire guard. This boy has no fear. His chair promptly got moved only for him to try and move it back and have another go. I was saying to my hubby just two days ago that I’m so grateful that he still has his cot, the one and only place I can contain him safely. It’s my saving grace. If I’m quick, I can pop him in there with a couple of toys and grab a shower. A shower alone is such a little luxury. This morning, I did just that. I got out of the shower to hear him whinging. I thought I’ll just brush my teeth then go grab him when I heard a thud. Toothbrush still in mouth, I rushed into his room to find him on the floor. Nothing broken, not even a bruise. He was clearly shaken up but my heart was leapfrogging all over my body. I kept thinking how lucky he was and how much worse it could have been. Within the hour I’d been online and ordered a baby gate and bed guard. His cot is becoming a toddler bed. ASAP.

I’m actually dreading how things will be now.  I can’t take my eyes off him for a second as it is. I know I’m by no means alone here, everyone goes through this, I went through it all before when my first son was that age. But you do forget over time.

Although the teens have had their fair share of troubles lately, it’s seems nothing compared to what lays ahead. How can something this adorable be such hard work??



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