Playhouse curtains 

After making the cushions for my living room, my mum and I got cracking straight away with a very special project, cute curtains for the playhouse. I had a small amount of fabric left over from when I did the letters for baby j’s bedroom wall back in March. I’ve tried & failed miserably at putting a link here to the post about it but if you want to look in the archives, it’s called Mod Podge Project No 1. I really must spend a bit of time learning how to use WordPress better! Anyway, the fabric was perfect for the nautical, beach hut theme going on in the playhouse but there was only enough for a border on the bottom of each curtain. Trying to find a coordinating plain colour was way harder than it should have been, but we got there in the end.

As we were tight for time before my mum had to leave, she did quite a bit of the work, making sure I’d done my fair share though so that I knew exactly what I was doing. There are 4 windows in the playhouse so we needed eight little curtains all together. Quite a lot of work!

After I’d dropped my mum at the train station, I got home, made myself a nice cup of green tea and got my head around finishing off the curtains.

We made the border section into a pocket then attached it to the bottom of the main fabric. The top was measured, pinned and a channel sewn across for the wire to go through.

They were then pressed and ready for hanging.

I was really pleased with them but felt they needed a little tweak. So I delved into the basement to find my stash of bakers twine.

Perfect! Easy-peasy tie backs in 3 minutes.

Ta-dah! What do you think? I absolutely love it! I think I might actually slip out here with a glass of wine and some crochet next time the kids are doing my head in!

Thanks for stopping by, lovely to see you.

Vicki xxx


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