Guilty crochet 

I don’t expect I’m alone in this. Please tell me it’s not just me. Does anyone else feel oh so guilty, taking a bit of precious time out during the day to crochet, craft or create? I do, lots, which means I hardly ever do it. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to craft for a living? That’s not easy these days. As my job is to stay home and look after the house and children, it really is 24/7. There is no 9 to 5, shift patterns or days off. I’m on duty permanently. There’s always plenty of jobs needing to be done, and once they’re done, it’s time to start all over again. On a normal day, I get roughly 2 hours while baby J naps, in which to do things I can’t do with him around. Things like ironing, cleaning the chickens out, doing dishes and general cleaning and tidying, which there is always heaps of with a big house full of 6 humans, 2 dogs & 11 chickens.

Today, I decided I really, really wanted to do some crochet. Everything else could just wait an hour. I set myself up in the dining room, put some classical music on and made a cup of green tea.

I’ve been excited to start this project, it’s been sitting on top of my bookcase in it’s pretty pink bag for about 6 weeks or more.

I was quite happy with the start I’d made in my little bit of stolen time.

I’m justifying today’s lack of housework as this project is sadly not for me. It’s going to be a present for my lovely nan for Christmas. 

Yes, I said the ‘C’ word.


Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!

Yes, I’ve started thinking about it already.

Only 3 pay days to go you know!!

4 thoughts on “Guilty crochet 

  1. Hannahbanana Crafts September 11, 2015 / 9:18 am

    I totally understand the whole guilt thing. I constantly look around at all the jobs that need doing and feel that those take priority over my crafting and then I look at all the space my craft stuff takes up in the house and feel guilty that I’m using all that space and not making anything! Think I’m never going to win. As you say though, being a stay at home Mum is 24/7 so at some point we have to carve out some time for ourselves.

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