Pamper Pantry reminiscing

As some of you already know, I used to run a little business from home called The Pamper Pantry. I made handmade soaps, bath bombs, melts & basically lovely smelling goodies to pamper yourself with. I REALLY miss it, a lot. I miss the busyness of it, the constant ideas flying round inside my head, the demand for creations that I had made from scratch. I’m certainly not someone who craves attention but I did enjoy the compliments people paid and the whole buzz it created when I’d designed a new product.

Every girl needs some pampering and preening every so often. For me it’s been far too long so I decided the other night to put my crochet hook down and lock myself in the bathroom for some me time.

I ran myself a hot bath and plonked one of these little treats in.


These have to be one of my favourite things to have come out of the pantry. Cocoa & Shea butter bath melts. I have about 8 left and they’ve been sitting in my fridge in a sealed container for almost 2 years! I’m going to be very sad when they’re all gone.

I also made myself up a little batch of organic French green clay face mask.

I used to sell this and it went like hot cakes. It’s such good stuff, I didn’t want to stop using it.

I’d given my eyebrows a good tidy earlier in the day, in the mirror with the good light.

I was going through my old Facebook page to retrieve some pictures to show you. I got quite emotional! Silly I know. Here’s some of my favourite ones…

Peppermint foot scrub, I still have some of this left!

Soaps for men, these smelt like Paco Rabanne’s ‘One Million ‘. One of my bestsellers.

Some of the kids soaps, these were great fun to make.

Christmas puddings!

Some of the soap bars I created, they smelt gorgeous.

Bath bombs..

Unscented bath melts for little ones.

Vintage style Wedding favours x

It’s been almost 2 years now since I shut the pantry door. I love being creative, especially when it can earn you a bit of pocket money too. I hope one day soon I can come up with another venture. In the meantime though, I shall enjoy the pampering and just relax…..

Ps. This isn’t me or my bathtub unfortunately!!


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