A very special card

I decided that this year I’d take my mummy duties very seriously and make one of those super duper birthday cards to send into CBeebies to wish baby J a happy 2nd birthday. A breeze, I thought. Ha! It was not as easy as I thought. 

I started with some nice sparkly blue card bought from The Range. I already had lots of different coloured papers in my craft stash. I decided the theme should be postman pat as he absolutely loves it. “Pat” is also the only word he can really say. He says it repeatedly in a hushed voice. Sounds just like Frank Butcher! He’s also a mad Thomas the Tank engine fan but that’s not allowed as it’s not shown on CBeebies.

I printed out some letters so I could cut them out and use as stencils for the coloured paper. I also printed a couple of pictures onto photo paper, then my colour cartridge ran out! Great, how was I meant to fill the rest of the card?

I searched through his magazines to see if there were any pictures I could cut out but they were all Thomas or Peppa pig….. Not allowed. I had a couple of In the Night Garden stickers but thought that they would look a bit pathetic. I went to the shops looking for magazines but not a single picture of Pat. I’m no good at drawing so wasn’t even going to contemplate that. Then I got the idea of parcels and letters which I could easily make from kraft card and envelopes I had. And my trusty red and white bakers twine came in handy too!

Yes, I even googled postman pats address! Well I’d finished and am actually quite pleased with my little masterpiece. Now all I had to do was post it, another hurdle to jump. You can’t pop it in a postal tube, I suppose because it’ll curve the card and make it tricky to handle. Also the stuck-on items might come unstuck. The post office had nothing large enough. Could I find some card and my roll of brown paper? Of course not. I did find some corrugated card though, so I cut it into strips and taped it around as much as I could, smothered it in about 3 layers of bubble wrap and the same again of brown paper (newly bought roll). And off it goes…

It’d better get shown on TV now. If it doesn’t, at least you lovely lot got to see it! I hope Baby J appreciates this huge effort on mummy’s part. I’ll keep pictures to show him as it may not happen again next year!! Keep a look out on November 16th folks xxx


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