Egyptian sun


Firstly, I’d like to apologise for my absence, we’ve been away to Sharm El Sheik in Egypt grabbing some gorgeous sunshine. I had planned on scheduling a couple of blog posts to come out while we were away, but I was just so busy I never got the chance. I’ve missed being in blog land. It’s only been about two weeks but feels like forever. Anyway, I’m back now so let’s crack on.

The day we went had to be the longest day ever. We left our house about 5.30am and didn’t arrive to our hotel till about 6.30pm. We were exhausted after traveling all day, especially with Baby J. Our hotel was huge! You could easily have got lost. We went for a bit of a wander round on our first night to try and get our bearings. It looked beautiful all lit up in blue and green.

On our fourth night, there was a tropical storm which was amazing to watch. It did cause some chaos in the hotel as they’re really not used to this kind of weather. The power went for a short while and it did flood some parts of the main buildings. We were right by the beach so you could see how choppy the sea was.


I’d considered taking some crochet with me but really didn’t have the space in my case and also remembering back to our camping trip in August I knew I wouldn’t really get the chance with the little man. I did however take with me an early birthday present from my mum-in-law, a colouring book I’d been wanting for ages. I still didn’t manage to get much time for this either but did try to squeeze in 20 minutes here and there. It’s so relaxing and therapeutic. Have any of you taken up this latest craze too?


Toddlers are hard work, but toddlers on holiday in a hot country are really, really hard work. He was constantly whinging, not eating, not a happy bubba at all. The heat clearly got to him and every time we went into the restaurant to eat he’d play up big style. We ended up taking it in turns eating while the other would walk around with him. The waiters adored him even though he’d hide his face every time they spoke to him. It was like my lovely little boy had stayed at home and I’d brought some other child on holiday. Trying to keep him entertained throughout the day was exhausting. There was no chance of lying on a sunbed and chilling. It was a case of following him around and stopping him running into the pool and going through other people’s bags etc.  There were lots of activities going on in and around the pool like yoga, morning stretches, salsa dancing and Zumba.

I’d have loved to have been able to get involved in a few. I did manage to do one water aerobics which was fun.

Before lunch everyday I had to walk him round to get him off to sleep. The hotel wasn’t very baby friendly, there were steps and hills everywhere so my daily walks really followed the same route. About half way through our holiday, he’d been so difficult that morning that by the time it came for his walk, I was feeling so down, I ended up having a little cry just to let it all out. Of course I made sure there was no-one else around, and sunglasses hide a multitude of sins. Thank goodness for the portable DVD player, & Toy Story.

There is a silver lining though, on these walks, I did manage to take some nice photos.





I promised myself I wouldn’t bombard you with too many photos….oops! Sorry, I know I can get carried away. 

Right at the very edge of the hotels  grounds, there is a disused area that was obviously once a shower area. It’s gated off but I managed to get a picture. The colours just wowed me, the vivid pink of the flowers against the Mediterranean blue are just gorgeous.

Just along from this I took these, the image      just shouted out to me.
We didn’t really leave the hotel for the whole ten days, it was all inclusive so we had everything we needed. We did do one excursion though, a shopping trip to Soho Square. It only opens in the evenings and it was amazing. It was a real experience. It was really luxurious and I wish we could have spent more time there. There were lots of outdoor bars and restaurants.

All very cool. There were some fab shops there too, all designer gear ( not real as they have no licensing laws) but still excellent quality and even better prices. There was entertainment too….

We should have something like this here in the UK, it would go down a storm.

We spent most of our time around this pool, in the same spot every day.

It was nice to go in and cool off when the sun got too hot.

It was my birthday while we were away, hallowe’en to be precise.

We celebrated in the evening by booking in to the Indian restaurant on the rooftop of the hotel, it was by far the best meal all holiday.


Just as we were preparing to pack our suitcases, we heard the devastating news about the Russian aeroplane that had left our airport the day before, possibly containing guests that had stayed in our hotel as it was largely Russians there. At the time we’d heard it was likely to be a mechanical fault. Little did we know that there appears to more sinister forces at work. Such a terrible event and the news made our journey home extremely nerve wrecking. I’m so thankful we’re home safe and sound.


Things I missed while on holiday…

A decent drink. The tea and coffee were not nice. The wine was undrinkable.

My cooking! I’m no Nigella but it did highlight that I’m very particular about my food.

My lovely house.

Doing my thing, crochet, crafting, blogging.

Having a few hours of toddler free chill time in the evenings.

My little boy being his usual self.

Things I didn’t miss….

TV. Surprisingly I didn’t miss it one bit. I have a bit of a love / hate relationship with TV. I love watching favourite shows or films but hate that it takes over and draws us in. We end up in front of it every night.


Social media. I usually spend too much time on Facebook but apart from a few minutes a day, I wasn’t interested.

Things I miss about holiday…

Blue skies and sunshine.

Having someone make my bed.

My husband being with us.

Things I don’t miss about holiday…

Mosquitoes thinking we are an all inclusive buffet.

Having to doll myself up every night. I do feel better when I make time to do it at home but struggle to find the time for non-essential stuff like that.

Really rude foreigners (other holiday makers) jumping the queues and being generally awful to the hotel staff.

That strange child that was with us.

It was a lovely holiday,  but you know what?

There’s no place like home xxx


2 thoughts on “Egyptian sun

  1. Erin and Sky November 13, 2015 / 4:12 pm

    Beautiful photos. Traveling with a baby is tough. I haven’t dared to brave it yet with my 8 month old. Looks like you made it work though.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Vicki November 13, 2015 / 4:16 pm

      Aw thanks, think we just scraped by! We took him last year to Tunisia and it was so much easier then. X

      Liked by 1 person

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