One happy Mumma

This is just a really quick post to let you know that my Very Special Card I made and blogged about a month ago got shown on CBeebies on the TV!!!!! I’m so over the moon, far more excited than Baby J. He still doesn’t really understand what’s going on. Here’s the moment captured…

I don’t know if I could face doing it all again next year. I think maybe my efforts next year will be put into creating a big party for him. We didn’t do anything big this year, just a small tea with family. Next year he’ll be more aware of what’s happening.

I think he was quite overwhelmed with all the presents. It took him all day to open them as he wanted to play with each thing as he opened it, which was nice. 

He hardly slept last night, think he was too excited. Let’s hope he sleeps tonight so I can get an hour or so of hooky time in.

Back soon xxxxx

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