Vicki the bargain hunter

Hi all, how’s everyone doing? Getting a bit on the chilly side isn’t it? My new Ugg boots that my hubby bought for my birthday are getting used on a daily basis now. I decided it was time to go digging in the back of the wardrobe last week and find the big blue ikea bag full of hats, scarves and gloves. I found myself a nice surprise in there with them, a bag of bargains I bought back in the summer. Now I know not everyone’s a bit bonkers like me, shopping for woolly hats and gloves in July, but I promise it was purely by accident. I was browsing in H&M and saw the big display covered in those Vicki magnets (red sale signs!). I get it from my mum. It’s hereditary so there’s absolutely nothing that can be done about it. I’m a lost cause. My hubby hates the fact that I automatically head for the sale rail whenever we go shopping. Personally I think he’s on his own there. Surely most men would be glad their wives aren’t spending more money than necessary!!! I really love getting a bargain, I get a real buzz from it and want to shout it from the high street. Anyway, here’s what I got in H&M.

A huge black continuous scarf/snood, about 2 balls of wool size. £1

Maroon sequinned mittens 50p

Black fingerless mittens 50p

Cream chunky mittens £1

A grand total of £3!! A saving of nearly £27! Wow!

Then I went into Primark and got these..

Fun, cute little reindeer gloves 50p


Two lovely chunky bobble hats 20p each!!!

Now that’s what I call bargains! I’ve got no excuse to be cold this winter now have I?

Stay warm,

Vicki xx 


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