A new approach 

My current WIP has not grown one little bit since I did that first square over a month ago. It’s for a Christmas present so I really do need to get my skates on. It took me quite a few hours over two evenings to do the first square as it was all new stitches, new pattern, new everything. I decided to go about the rest of it a different way. Rather than do a square at a time which means loads of colour changes and refreshing myself of all the different stitches for each row, I’ve decided to do each same part of each square all in one sitting. I’m looking at the moment to do 9 squares, so if I can just manage one round x 8 each evening (making 9 with my already completed one) I think it should progress quite quickly. I’ll get quicker at each too as I become more familiar with what I’m doing. My hooking time lately is very limited so I need to think smart if I want to get this done in plenty of time.

Last night, I did round one, the dreaded magic rings. I went back to my trusty YouTube tutorial and after about 3 made following it, I got it. And managed to do the rest myself. Yay, go me!

So, eight little golden woolly circles later, I’ve completed day one of my new approach.

They look like a bunch of balloons floating in the air don’t you think? Or a bunch of flowers?

Hopefully tonight will see round 2 complete, fingers crossed xx

2 thoughts on “A new approach 

  1. Paardje November 20, 2015 / 1:25 am

    I like your approach of doing all same colors of all squares at the same time. I’ve avoided making multi-colored squares for the exact same reason! Your approach has given me hope 🙂 (And I also secretly think: now why didn’t I come up with that?!) LOL! Excited to see the finished product 🙂

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    • Vicki November 20, 2015 / 8:09 am

      Ah thanks! It seems to be going well so far. I think if I only set myself small targets that are achievable then I have a chance! It’s nice to know that I’ve given someone hope!! Get those multi-coloured squares on the go, I’d love to see them 😊

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