Welcome to Narnia


I’ve been meaning to bring you this post for ages but I’ve been so so busy, so apologies.

I decided this year that I’d go to town on decorating the hallway for Christmas, an area that usually gets forgotten about. I don’t know what sparked the idea but I thought a Narnia winter wonderland theme would look nice and festive.  I got the DVD out to refresh myself, then I set to work, my mind racing with ideas. The first thing I thought of is a lamppost. Obviously we couldn’t fit in a full size one but we found the next best thing. After some searching on eBay, we got this…


My hubby wired it up so it was working and I Christmased it up with some spray snow. This is in our porch, and just opposite is this..

I wanted it to sort of look like it was snowing. I got some net lights, then took a little trip to my local fabric shop and got a bargain roll of delicate, white, sheer fabric. I have loads left so will have to think of some future projects to use it for. I also got a couple of metres of a beautiful fabric with a lovely glittery shimmer to it. I draped these over the lights which I think looks quite effective.

Did you spot the tree branches by the lamppost?  My dear hubby, knowing my mini obsession to transform our hallway, brought me home a load of very tall branches from a silver birch tree. I gave them the same snowy treatment as the lamppost.

There’s some on the stairs and by the front door. They have little fairy lights on them and cinnamon infused cones sitting on the base and wired onto the branches. Behind this one sits our reindeer made completely from rolled up pieces of newspaper. I’d love to say I made it but no, it was from TK Maxx.

On the ceiling I hung lots and lots of snowflakes and icicles.

I wanted to add a little greenery so I took this sledge

This from the garden 

And made this

It’s my first ever attempt at floral arranging, I wonder what my mum would think. She’s a top NAFAS demonstrator who just came third in designer of the year. She’s a very talented lady indeed.

Here’s a few more pictures from around Narnia..

I think I went as far as I could go while still keeping it a practical, usable space. It does feel very wintry, especially at night with just the fairy lights on.

We had our Christmas party this weekend, it went really well. In preparation for it, my beloved dresser became a drinks cabinet.

I think it’ll stay this way now till after Christmas.

Now I need to sign off and get more wrapping and crochet done. The blanket’s coming along nicely, I’ll update you on it in a couple of days.

Vicki xxx


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