Resolution Review

Hello! Well, we’re a whole month into 2016 already, where has that gone? As promised, I’m back to let you know how I’ve got on with the New Years Resolutions I set myself. Here’s a little reminder of them..  


I’m kind of cringing as I haven’t done very well at all really. Working backwards from 

6. We’ve made a bit of progress. We’ve added a couple of extra activities into our week so far, the group on a Monday at the art gallery and Aqua tots (swimming) at our local leisure centre. We already go to Tots Spot every Wednesday morning without fail. We love it there. It’s very full on keeping him entertained and out of mischief at the moment. He’s not really napping in the day now so it’s pretty much non-stop with my little daredevil from the moment he wakes up until bedtime. This makes No.2 very tricky!

5. We have three teenagers in the house, what on earth was I thinking?!! It’s hard enough to get them to just eat at the table all together, let alone leave their technology behind and have a conversation. I’m not completely giving up on this one, maybe just once a month might be a bit more realistic.

4. Hmmm, not very good here either. I have painted my nails once, not sure that really qualifies as a pamper evening though! Ooh, I did have a bath bomb in my bath one night, look at the colours..

I was a bit concerned I might come out looking like a smurfette, but it was fine.

I really must try harder though, I do need a good pamper.

3. I think I was kidding myself with this one. As much as I really want to exercise, it’s just not going to happen with a toddler constantly attached to me. My membership at the leisure centre only covers me up to 5pm and running with a pram is far from ideal. This time next year, baby J will be in nursery for a couple of mornings so hopefully I can get some opportunity then.

2. Well, I did actually write a list of all the household tasks and how often they need doing but unfortunately that’s as far as I got. As usual, I’m just doing it in order of what needs doing the most and never getting all that far. I used to get quite a bit done in nap time but now that’s gone I’m not getting the chance. I’d still like to try and get a bit more organised with this, watch this space.

1. I saved the best till last. Success! I have spent the last four weeks writing meal plans, doing online shopping and not having to stress each day about what to have for dinner. It honestly is one of the best things I have done. I’ve been using up stuff that’s been in the cupboards and best of all, have practically eliminated any food waste. Instead of spending every other day in the supermarket, my groceries now arrive to my door, at a time that suits me, no stress. All I have to do is put it away. I’ve even been trying to experiment with a few new recipes too. I’m pretty sure we’re better off financially, a win win situation.

So all in all, I wasn’t as successful as I’d hoped, but I still want to work on those areas where I failed. Never say never!

Have any of you managed to stick to your resolutions?

Baby it’s cold outside

Hello! How are you all? Well I don’t know about you but the weather here today has just been dull, wet and freezing cold.

Actually it’s pretty much been this way for some time and I hate it. The only thing I like about it is feeling all snug and warm indoors.

These beauties are making me smile though everytime I walk past and get a whiff. I do love hyacinths, they make me believe spring is just around the corner.

I’ve been having urges to cook lately too, from scratch. I got a Mary Berry cookbook in the January sales and keep browsing through. The recipes aren’t too fancy, just good, wholesome family meals. I made this tandoori chicken the other night, it was lovely. I even made a little chutney to go with it which I’m definitely doing again. I was rather pleased with myself and the hubby said he enjoyed it too.

As for crafty goings on, my friend Jan the sewing machine has been let out of the basement for a bit of air.

I had a few repairs to do….

One of the cushions I made last year had come apart. I must have sewn it a wee bit close to the edge. It was a 60 second job. Sewing is all about quick results, not like crochet. But I still have my reservations, I think I’m very much daunted by it. My mum’s an expert on the sewing machine, but I’ve never had any confidence with it. I hope to change that this year. I’m leaving the machine out as I have a couple of other jobs that need doing. Watch this space! 

I had a bit of a sort out of my cottons and it turns out I have a little collection of high quality reels. Get me!

All hand me downs from my mum! Well, all except the blue on the left. I bought that myself for a particular project..

Only trouble is its quite a few shades out.. Think I might be better off using the cream or pink for this one.

I’ve also discovered a new place to take the little man on a Monday. A very unique place near us called Port Sunlight (google it, it has tons of history) has a museum and art gallery called Lady Levers. They have a free session for under 5’s every week with loads of toys and crafts, it’s great. I think this will become a regular Monday morning thing. 

This afternoon, I decided to light a fire as I was so cold, even with the heating on. It makes things so cosy. And, my baking urges crept in. With the lack of much butter, I found a quick and easy recipe using sunflower oil instead and made some muffins. I have to say they are rather good!

Nice and light and fluffy, and a perfect accompaniment to a mug of hot tea.

Well that’s about it for now peeps, I have been quite busy crocheting, here’s a little teaser of just one thing I’m working on…


but will save that for another day. 

Keep warm, V xxx

I’m rubbish but grateful

Hello! This is just a really quick post. One, because I’ve sort of lost my blogging voice. I’m doing stuff but just haven’t had that spark I get to inspire me to make a worthwhile blog post out of it. I will soon, I know. Two, because over the past few weeks, I’ve actually been nominated for two blog awards!! I never even knew they existed! But, because I’m so rubbish on here, I have no idea how to fulfil my end of the nomination so I humbly apologise to the two lovely ladies who were responsible for nominating me in the first place. I follow both their blogs, one is called Of snailmail, books and vanities and the other is The Geneviever. I’m so sorry ladies, I have no idea how to tag you. I’d just like to say I love both your blogs and thank you for following me and for the lovely comments and nominations you have given me! I hope to educate myself on WordPress etiquette etc very soon!

I’ll be back with crafty goings on v v soon! ūüėä

Happy blogaversary!

I can’t quite believe it but today is Vicki the Craftaholics’ 1st anniversary! One whole year I’ve been here in blogland, sharing with you some of my innermost thoughts, tales from our trips out, but mostly my creative journey into the wonderfully woolly world of crochet. With a few other crafty bits thrown in of course!

I must say though, I’ve absolutely loved doing this. I find it really keeps me motivated to keep calm and craft on! The blogging community here is such a friendly and welcoming one. It’s also inspiring too, reading all the great blogs out there. I must admit, I don’t find enough time to read as many as I’d like.

So in my first year, I’ve gathered 65 lovely followers. I’d like to try and get a fair few more over the next year but I’m not really sure how to go about it. Any ideas?? I’ve had over 3,000 views which is amazing. There’s been over 400 likes on my posts and nearly 150 comments! It’s so nice to be able to interact with my readers. So if you ever feel like saying hello, please do so! And if you like reading my blog and aren’t currently a follower, it’s very easy to sign up, just go to the very bottom of the page and click ‘follow’ and pop your email address in and that’s it I believe. Then each time I post something, it’ll wing it’s way straight into your inbox so you won’t miss a thing! Easy peasy. One of the most bizarre things I discovered when looking through the stats is that my blog has been read in 34 countries! Wow! It makes the world feel a much smaller place.

My favourite thing though is that my blog is my place, mine all mine. It can be whatever I want it to be, and I want it to be a very happy place, where people enjoy their few minutes spent in my little world, cuppa in hand and feet up. 

Unfortunately, I don’t have a slice of that beautiful cake in my hand but I have a mug of hot tea instead, so happy blogaversary to me. And it is a word, I have proof…


Much love, Vicki xxx

Thirty sweet minutes

It’s been such a grey, yucky day here today.  Cold too. There’s not been much happening, my hubby is at work, my eldest son is too. I did have my very first online grocery shop delivered which I was very excited about, probably a little too excited. But it does mean I’m getting to grips with my New Years resolutions. Good start Vicki.

While there was no rain, I decided Baby J and I should get out of the house, just for a short walk. We had some thank you cards to send so we donned our welly boots and coats and ventured outside. Walking without the mobile prison (buggy) takes a long time but it was just nice to be getting some fresh air. We went into the post office to buy some stamps and Baby J attempted to rearrange their beautiful card display. Then a short wander down the road to the post box. This was his first time posting letters and he had a huge grin on his face. On the walk back home he decided he wouldn’t avoid the puddles like he did on the way there. He had the best time splashing in them! What is it with kids and puddles? Like magnets.

Back indoors in the warm and it seems the chickens want to come inside too!

Excuse my muddy floor won’t you? It’s awful at this time of year with us and the dogs in and out of the garden all the time. Right, time for a mug of hot chocolate and cuddles with my boy.

I know it wasn’t exactly exciting, but it was a lovely way to spend a really sweet thirty minutes. 

Happy weekend everyone, hope you find yourself some sweet time too. Xx

Feathered friends

It’s been ages since I blogged about the chickens so I thought I’d give them a little mention now. With all this miserable weather we’ve been having lately, it’s got so soggy in their little corner of the garden. It’s like a bog, it can’t be very nice for them. I’ve been letting them have the run of the whole garden during the day which in turn means they’ve absolutely trashed it! I went out to the kitchen just now and looked out to the garden…

They’re having a great time!

I do have some sad news too, we lost our lovely Buffy, one of our lavender silkies on Christmas Eve. We don’t know why, she hadn’t appeared poorly or anything. She was a few years old so maybe it was just her time. Still very sad though.

R.I.P. Buffy xxx

Jar Hugger

This is a post of firsts. First blog post of the year, first crochet project of the year and first flowers too.

I joined a new crochet group on Facebook a couple of days ago and it’s gone mad! My whole newsfeed is full up. I think every crochet addict is on there showing their fabulous makes and it really made me want to get hooking. Although blankets are my true passion, I wanted some instant gratification. A nice quick project I could whip up in a day. So I grabbed some leftover yarn from my Happy Blanket and got started with a foundation chain.

I did a row of dc then joined in a ring. Then carried on adding to it..

It’s growing!


This is what it’s going to become..


A Jar Hugger!!




Look at those gorgeous roses! Perfect little addition to my pimped up jar. They’re cheering up our dining room no end on this cold and miserable Sunday morning. And while goldilocks and her two lazy brothers are still upstairs sleeping, mummy bear, daddy bear and baby bear enjoy some hearty porridge.
And mummy bear sits dreaming about what other household items could use a woolly hug xxx