Stop the clocks 

Does anyone else wish you could just press pause on the world every so often? Just for a short while so you can catch up with everything. I’ve been wishing that a lot lately. I’m finding it very difficult to achieve even the simplest of tasks. My days have just become a blur and my head is all fuzzy. I’ve been struggling quite a bit these last few weeks and I know what the problem is. It’s my gorgeous, pint-sized, cheeky little Baby J. He’s ridiculously hard work at the moment and he seems to have one mission in life, to stop mummy in her tracks. He’s doing fantastically. He’s managed to turn me into the biggest nag ever and I’m not liking me like that. The most popular phrases to come out of my mouth being, No, stop and get down from there. By his bedtime, I’m so exhausted, I just feel like going to bed myself. Instead though, I then start tidying the mess he’s created and start to cook our evening meal. I usually reach for a glass of my favourite red wine to help me unwind but not tonight. Tonight I’m enlisting the help of glucose in the form of pink lucozade!

Hopefully it’ll give me a bit of energy to catch up on things.

Earlier today we were going a bit stir crazy in the house, so me & baby J got into the car and drove ten minutes to the sea. I knew he was extra tired today after an early start and as expected he fell straight asleep. And, as I’d already thought that might happen, I’d come prepared and brought my current WIP along. 

It was a very enjoyable hour spent hooking away at those rhythmic woolly waves while watching the waves crashing outside. It really does de-stress me, I’d highly recommend taking up crochet to anyone who needs some relaxation . 

My darling hubby brought me two bunches of daffodils home with him today, just what I needed to put a little smile on my face.

I love watching the buds slowly unfurl into beautiful blooms.

Right, I’ll be off then, put some of this energy to good use. And later, when I’ve collapsed onto the sofa, I’m going to lose myself in the new Cath Kidston brochure, it all looks so beautiful, I want it all!



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