Easter treats

Happy Easter everyone!

Yesterday I got that baking bug again, it’s becoming a bit of a habit at the weekends. It was a bit late in the day but I spent the whole evening in The Baking Room , donning my Cath Kidston apron and surrounded by flour, eggs and chocolate. I had some good music playing and multiple cups of tea so it was ok.

First up I made some brownies. These are not just any brownies. These are Creme egg brownies. You can find the recipe here. I didn’t go the whole hog and do the topping but I have done it a couple of years ago and it was oh so good. Super charged with sugar and all things naughty!

Next I made some Easter cupcakes. These too are extremely bad for the waistline, but hey, it’s Easter. Next week I will be starting work on reducing the waistline.

These are plain vanilla sponges with buttercream icing and topped with a cadburys flake and mini egg. Even though it was 11.30pm, I couldn’t resist rewarding myself. Well, I had worked very hard.

On the crochet front, I started to make some cute egg cosies a couple of months ago but put them on hold when I needed to get the two blooming flower cushions made for Motherā€™s Day. I’d hoped to get them finished in time for Easter but haven’t had the time. Here’s a little look at progress for now, and I’ll be back to show you properly when they’re finished.

Happy Easter to you all šŸ˜Š

Carrot cake and crochet

At the weekend I was once again in a baking mood so decided to have a go at something new, a carrot cake. On went the apron which immediately makes me feel much more like a domestic goddess. I used Mary Berrys recipe but just left out the walnuts as I’m not a big fan. In went the ingredients ready to mix, fresh eggs courtesy of our girls of course.

Once these were whizzed up, I added the carrots. I actually got asked by one of the kids if there’s actual carrot in carrot cake. It does make me worry slightly!

When I was adding the spices, the smell just took me back to my childhood and memories of my mum baking. They smelt heavenly. Then this image popped into my head…

Does anyone else remember Fred from Homepride? He had to feature in most kitchens in the 70’s, I’m sure!

Once the rest of the ingredients were all combined they were ready for the oven.

They don’t look too appetising at this stage do they?

While they’re baking, I’ll show you where I’m up to with my latest crochet project. I’m affectionately referring to it as the Cosy Kermit blanket!

It does look like it might glow in the dark doesn’t it?

It’s 16 stripes, 32 rows in so far. I don’t think I’ve made bad progress for about 12 days. I tried to get at least a couple of rows done each day. I’m still loving the easiness of this one too, not taxing on the brain at all when you’ve had a busy day. It’s just getting large enough to keep my lap warm too which is always a bonus.

Now, back to baking. As the cakes were cooling, I made the icing. Always the best bit in my opinion!


The decorating is the fun bit and I was so pleased to find my local sainsburys sold little chocolate carrots to finish it off perfectly.

Ta dah!……

The first slice went to Baby J, unfortunately before he got to eat it, the dog did! She seemed to like it anyway!

I’m actually quite pleased with my first attempt, it’s lovely and moist and the cream cheese icing is not too sweet, just right.

Before I leave you all, I wanted to share these beautiful daffodils with you.

My hubby brought them home from work for me. There’s that many I managed to split them into four vases so they bring a little sunshine all over the house.

Vicki xxx

This and that

This last week has been made up of all sorts really, here are a few highlights…

Date night with the hubby. We went to see the very talented Postmodern Jukebox. If you’ve never heard of them, please do give a listen to some of their stuff. It’s amazing. They take a modern song and give it a retro/vintage/bluesy/jazzy twist. It was a fantastic show, full of energy.

Over the weekend, I was a bit poorly and craved comfort food. It all went a bit Mary Berry in my kitchen, I did her Parmesan crusted chicken for dinner which was delicious, followed by blueberry muffins.

These weren’t so good, sorry Mary but I won’t be trying these again. I will be giving her carrot cake a go though this week. Yum!

I treated myself to a bunch of the prettiest tulips I think I’ve ever seen. Don’t they look perfect on my dining room mantle? Especially sitting in their jar with a woolly jar hugger.

I’ve been doing a bit more painting with the chalk paint too.

These are to go with an order from a friend for these painted Kilner jars. I really enjoy doing these. I’m looking forward to trying out some new colours too.

The weather here has been a real treat, blue skies, sunshine and a mild enough temperature to get out in the garden. My hubby has been very busy out there getting it tidied up from the winter. My contribution in the garden is not much, but I am a bit of a perfectionist with a broom. It looks so much better when it’s had a ‘vicki’ sweep! It’s quite a workout too as we have Astro turf and when the chickens have been out trashing the joint, half the flower beds end up on the grass.

This is Baby J’s first proper year for playing out in the garden, and he loves it. Last year we built him this beach hut playhouseĀ and I just know he’s going to get so much use out of it this year.

I have a feeling that these next few months are going to be filled with lots of fun, outdoor play and plenty of warm fresh air. I can’t wait!!

Big boy blanket beginnings

Hello everyone, are you well? After the mad rush of getting the cushions finished for Mother’s Day, I decided to take a little crochet break. Two whole days! By Wednesday morning I had a toddler full of cold so instead of going to tots, we had a day indoors in the warm. The perfect excuse to get the yarn out for the next project. Now, I feel I should warn you, I did not pick these colours, this is going to be a blanket for my eldest son so he chose  them.



See what I mean? Not Vicki colours are they? Anyway, I’ve been looking forward to starting this as I do love making blankets and haven’t done one since before Christmas. It’ll be a nice, gentle, easy one as it’s made up completely of trebles, that’s it! It looks far more complicated but it’s so simple. Perfect. And it’ll be keeping me nice and warm once it grows a bit.

This is my first blanket that’s not made up of squares, so I needed to start it with a foundation chain. A very long one. It needed to be as wide as the blanket will be. I was quite dreading this bit actually.

I needn’t have worried, it literally took minutes and was so easy. I took the advice of a friend and made the chain with a 5mm hook then dropped down to a 4.5mm for the actual blanket.

And so it begins….

The pattern is from Lucy at Attic 24, the Queen of crocheted blankets. It’s called the cosy stripe blanket and is made up of  2 rows of each colour.

It feels like it’s growing quite quick.

This is all four colours together. That last green is hurting my eyes a little but I must admit, the colour combo is growing on me. 

So this is what it looks like 24 hours after I began with that foundation chain. 8 rows, 4 stripes, not bad hey? I have no idea how long this will take me but there’s no deadline so no pressure. Although I am finding it hard to put down so it might not be too long! It’s going to be a perfect project to take along to my crochet group, one that doesn’t require too much attention so I can hook happily while chatting too.

That’s all for today, must get back to my blanket šŸ˜‰

Vicki xxx

Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day here in the UK, quite early this year. Being a mum is one of the hardest jobs in the world but its the most rewarding job too and I wouldn’t change it for anything. This year I decided to make gifts for my mum and my mum-in-law. I thought blooming flower cushions would be an ideal project. I picked colours that I hope will go in their bedrooms. This first one is for my mum. Want to watch it grow?


It came with me to the coast.

To the bedroom 


To the dining table on pancake day 

Doesn’t it look beautiful with the sun beating down on it?


Almost done!

I finished it just in time. My brother was coming up for a visit so he took it back with him as it was quite large to post. Unfortunately he gave it to her a week early but hey! She likes it so that’s all that matters.

Time to make a start on the next one.

This one came to the park with me on such a beautiful day.

I started feeling the pressure by this point as the deadline was looming. Not far to go..

With the front done, I got cracking with back yesterday morning. Disaster struck as I realised I wasn’t going to have enough yarn to finish.


After contacting my local wool shop (actually my friend who has enough yarn to start her own shop!) the panic was over and the cushion could be completed.

And here it is..

It looks rather good on my bed doesn’t it? Unfortunately it can’t stay but I will be making one for myself. Will be waiting a while though as I’m a bit done with making these right now!

The light wasn’t great at 3am for taking pictures and I was past tired. Why do I keep doing this to myself?? Anyway, they’re all done now and I hope they’re well loved.

I’d like to finish off by wishing everyone a happy Mother’s Day. Hope you get to put your feet up and get spoiled a bit. 

Lots of love, Vicki xx

Painted Kilner jars

Some time ago while browsing through Pinterest, I stumbled upon a photo of mason jars painted in pretty colours. They looked so gorgeous. And of course my immediate thought was, ooh! I could do that! These ideas often take a while to come to fruition, but I finally got round to it. Helped by the fact my friend wanted me to do some for her new kitchen.

I did my research into chalk paints and found these gorgeous natural powder pigments that you mix at home to make up small quantities of chalk paint. 

After doing some sample tester jars and agreeing colours, I set to with the first of many coats.

After many, many coats and a bit of sanding in between, I ended up with these…

I do think they look lovely as they are but the plan was to slightly distress them.

As these are for a kitchen and will need wiping occasionally, they really needed to be sealed. I used some Annie Sloan wax to just protect them a bit.

So here’s the completed jars..

I’m really happy with the result and I showed my friend today who said she loves them too, hurrah! These ones are going to be used for tea, coffee & sugar but you could also use them for storing pasta or rice. Actually you could store anything in them, buttons, ribbons, colouring pencils, or it would also make a really pretty vase. Think I’m going to have to make some more soon for selling šŸ˜Š

Thanks for stopping by xx