Big boy blanket beginnings

Hello everyone, are you well? After the mad rush of getting the cushions finished for Mother’s Day, I decided to take a little crochet break. Two whole days! By Wednesday morning I had a toddler full of cold so instead of going to tots, we had a day indoors in the warm. The perfect excuse to get the yarn out for the next project. Now, I feel I should warn you, I did not pick these colours, this is going to be a blanket for my eldest son so he chose  them.



See what I mean? Not Vicki colours are they? Anyway, I’ve been looking forward to starting this as I do love making blankets and haven’t done one since before Christmas. It’ll be a nice, gentle, easy one as it’s made up completely of trebles, that’s it! It looks far more complicated but it’s so simple. Perfect. And it’ll be keeping me nice and warm once it grows a bit.

This is my first blanket that’s not made up of squares, so I needed to start it with a foundation chain. A very long one. It needed to be as wide as the blanket will be. I was quite dreading this bit actually.

I needn’t have worried, it literally took minutes and was so easy. I took the advice of a friend and made the chain with a 5mm hook then dropped down to a 4.5mm for the actual blanket.

And so it begins….

The pattern is from Lucy at Attic 24, the Queen of crocheted blankets. It’s called the cosy stripe blanket and is made up of  2 rows of each colour.

It feels like it’s growing quite quick.

This is all four colours together. That last green is hurting my eyes a little but I must admit, the colour combo is growing on me. 

So this is what it looks like 24 hours after I began with that foundation chain. 8 rows, 4 stripes, not bad hey? I have no idea how long this will take me but there’s no deadline so no pressure. Although I am finding it hard to put down so it might not be too long! It’s going to be a perfect project to take along to my crochet group, one that doesn’t require too much attention so I can hook happily while chatting too.

That’s all for today, must get back to my blanket ūüėČ

Vicki xxx

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