Blanket boredom

I knew it’d happen, I’ve reached that stage where I’m just a bit bored of the Kermit cosy blanket. Don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying it. It’s THE perfect project for hooking up on the sofa while you’re watching TV. It’s easy, simple, repetitive, mind-numbing……it keeps your lap warm and cosy too. You don’t have to think about it. It’s just gotten to the kind of ‘samey’ stage. Here’s how it’s looking as we speak.

 I’m at the point where I’ve just about used a ball of each colour. Considering I only bought two balls of each I think I seriously misjudged how much I was going to need. I think I’ve probably made it a teeny bit wider than it needed to be which won’t have helped matters. I’ve decided that I’ll get to the end of the second balls and see what I think then. It might be that the stripes can go vertically instead.

Anyway, while I’m taking a little break from it, I decided to make a start on a whole new blanket. Well sort of new. Do you remember when I was doing the unidentified blanket here? Well I just gave up on that, This was what I ended up with..

I hate to waste anything though so I will turn it into a cushion of some sort to go with the new blanket. The new one has a name and I have a plan so it should stand a good chance of success! It’s my first C2C blanket. C2C means corner to corner, where you start at the corner (funnily enough) and increase each row until you get to the size you want, then decrease back down to the opposite corner. I followed a tutorial on YouTube by Bella Coco and got it after about the third row. Another very easy one, it’s actually all the same stitches as the cosy blanket, just trebles. It seems to be working up nice and fast too.

As requested by its future owner, it’s going to be made up of two solid blocks of colour which suits me just fine. (Hardly any ends to sew in!) Although not my favourite of colours, these yarns do have a pretty glittery shimmer, which is extremely tricky to photograph.

Can you just make it out there as the sun shines in on it?

I think I’ve probably mentioned before that it’s not very easy to get much hooking done while there’s toddlers around. Especially when they decide to go walkies with your wool!

It was actually quite cute for a second, until he took it all around the room, through his trains and round the table a couple of times! Hmmm. Despite that, I managed to untangle the mess and get to the end of the first 50g ball.

Long way still to go but not bad for a days progress. I know I’ll get bored with this one too after a while but if I keep swapping the two blankets over it shouldn’t be too bad. I might even get chance to do the rest of my egg cosies.

I’ve been back in the baking room too and made Mary Berry’s apple crumble which was delicious.  I also made some millionaires shortbread.

 Not the best idea as I’m trying to be good and lose a few pounds. Oh well, there’s always next week.

Have a great weekend and I hope all you with kids off school are holding up ok!

Vicki xx


4 thoughts on “Blanket boredom

  1. @eBook_Girl April 10, 2016 / 5:59 pm

    I started a c2c blanket recently! I had two small skeins of yarn left over from making hats for 2 of my kids and decided to give it a go. I do enjoy the stitch but I’m thinking of doing it in squares and sewing them together.
    Blankets are my go to thing to crochet but it does hit that point where I’m like “still with this blanket? I need a new pattern and new yarn stat!”

    Liked by 1 person

    • Vicki May 3, 2016 / 6:26 pm

      Ah thank you! It didn’t last very long with my lot ūüėČ


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