Looking after No.1

Hello, how are you doing? Good I hope. It’s been a little while since my last post, longer than usual anyway. I’ve been mad busy, you see my big spring clean urges transcended into a need to do some DIY. I’ve been decorating the boys bedroom which is almost finished. It’s mainly being done in little bits at a time, purely as that’s all the opportunity I have. I’ll show you some pictures when it’s all done. My step daughter has now decided she’d like her room doing too so that’s next on the list. I’d also started on the bathroom and that’s yet to get underway. It currently has patches of bare plaster where the paint’s bubbled off and there’s areas of tester paint. It’s just a mess at the moment, hardly a place to relax and unwind at the end of a busy day. And, our dining room has about a square foot of cream paint where I decided it needed a freshen up. I WILL get around to doing it soon. All this, and our bedroom was the room that really needed decorating. It’s the one room in the house that hasn’t been touched since we moved in 4 and a half years ago. I have the most beautiful wallpaper sat there waiting to adorn the walls and a load of new furniture on order so it holds promise.

With all this going on on top of normal housework / mothering duties, it’s really starting to take its toll. It’s typical me, I always try to take on too much. It’s made me think a lot about myself and how I always put myself last. I’m not getting any younger and a few signs of ageing are starting to show. My skin isn’t in great condition, it’s very dry, as is my hair. I’ve gained weight, about half a stone this year and it’s seems impossible to shift. I have some wrinkles creeping in but luckily no grey hairs that I can see. I seem to be more frequently experiencing bloating, which I’ve read is more common in women of my age.  I was quite worried the other day as I’d been seeing black spots moving in front of my eyes for a couple of weeks and it’s happening more often. Usually a few times a day. Turns out those black spots are called floaters and it’s a normal sign of ageing. Absolutely nothing can be done about them. Google comes in very handy sometimes! My memory is getting bad too, I forget so much. With all these symptoms along with just feeling physically and mentally drained and tired all the time, I’ve decided it’s time to give myself some much needed TLC. Once all the decorating is done I’m going to make time for myself. I need to be fit, happy and healthy, inside and out. To kickstart this, I’m making sure I’m drinking plenty of water which we all know is essential for our health. My hubby got me this bottle at the weekend.

It’s great for making detox water by putting all kinds of fruit in the special compartment and then infuse your water. I prepare it before I go to bed and put it in the fridge so it’s ready for the morning. I’m aiming to drink two bottles worth a day which equates to just over one and a half litres. I’ve started taking multivitamins too, but am going to look into some more specific ones to suit me. I’m going to cut back on eating crap and when possible I want to start running. I don’t know when that’s going to happen, unlike most of my friends, I don’t have family on tap to babysit or nursery time to do my own thing, so it’s going to be very ad hoc. But I promise myself I will try my hardest to fit a few runs in when I can. Well that’s my insides taken care of, my outsides desperately need care too. I will be regularly treating my skin and hair to lashings of coconut oil to deeply nourish and care. I will make more effort to wear make up and do something with my hair other than bung it in a ponytail. My nails will see some colour too, I remember a couple of years ago I would always paint my nails and do some pretty patterns on them. They’ve been done just once this year, that’s shameful. 

For my mind, I need to use any time I can doing things that make me happy and feel good. Obviously there’s crochet! But I need to start working on something for me, like my flower blanket. I love doing my colouring and I have some beautiful books so that is a must.  I enjoy settling down in front of the fire with a magazine, I’m well behind with those. And I have a few books I’d love to read, only had them for about 3 years!! I need to get more quality time with my hubby, I’m pretty sure we missed our date night last month and we don’t get much time on our own at all. It’s so important in a relationship to make time for one another. And getting outdoors, it feels so refreshing to go for a woodland walk even just for half an hour, or a brisk stroll by the sea. We are so lucky where we live to have an abundance of places like that to go, so I must make use of them. Being close to nature really does you the world of good.


So, here’s to a new start for me, hopefully I’ll be able to try and manage it and start to see a difference. 

Thanks for reading my waffle. 



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