Chicken Life

I’ve noticed I don’t really mention our chickens a great deal in my blog, yet they’re a big part of our little life, so I thought I’d dedicate a whole post purely to them.

We currently have 9 lovely ladies in our coop. We sadly lost one of our good egg layers, Natasha, just a couple of weeks ago.

She’d been perfectly healthy up until then, it looked as though she’d gone up to chicken heaven in her sleep, like it was just her time. Poor girl. I shall miss her pecking at my toes and causing mischief. RIP Natasha. Xx

Anyway, back to the rest of the brood. I shall introduce them all, one by one. Just incase you haven’t met them before.

In no particular order…..

Rolo. She’s a chocolate frizzle, isn’t she gorgeous? She’s a little bit nervous, one of the quieter girls of the group.

Angel. A white silkie. We’ve had her a couple of years now. She very much keeps herself to herself. Likes the occasional cuddle.

Matilda. A speckeldy Sussex bantam. Again, very much hangs in the background. She gives us no troubles.

This is Georgia. Named so because she’s a Light Sussex breed, and me and the hubby got married in East Sussex at The George Hotel. A little tenuous I know! I like to be romantic where possible! She’s quite a big bird and gives us some lovely eggs.

Bluebell. She’s a blue Pekin (yes she’s actually grey) but her nature is very quiet and unassuming so I thought Bluebell would suit her.

Honey, a Brahama. We’ve had her since she was a tiny little chick. How she’s grown! She’s now our biggest girl. We thought we were going to lose her last year as she was poorly, but with a lot of nursing back to health, she pulled through and is now better than ever.

Afro Barbara ( don’t ask!) our lavender silkie. She’s very affectionate, she always likes being picked up and cuddled. When chickens want attention, they kind of raise their shoulders / wings and arch their backs to let us know. It’s very cute indeed.

This is Queenie, a Rhode Island Red hen, the kind you’re probably used to seeing. We got her at the same time as Natasha, they were quite a double act. The pair of them kept escaping for the first couple of weeks, they were a right funny handful.

And last, but certainly not least, Beyoncé.  The only remaining girl of our first ever group of chickens, so she’s been with us for over four years. She’s a Pekin Bantam and lives up to her name completely. She’s a real diva and with that gorgeous display of tail feathers, she’s very bootilicious!

When I cleaned them out last week, Beyoncé gave me the run around and escaped. After a while of chasing her round the garden, in and out of the borders, I managed to catch her.

Gotcha! She’s quite happy to be held Once you’ve got hold of her.

They can be quite noisy at times, luckily our neighbours don’t tend to mind.

We often hear passers-by, startled by the sounds of our chickens. It’s quite funny.

They absolutely love the sunshine, here’s Georgia and Queenie catching some rays.

Wings stretched right out, she looks so happy which makes me one happy chicken mumma.

These four were having a Mother Hen meeting on the roof of the coop, so comical.

Chickens make such good pets, Jude loves being in there with them.  They all have their own personalities, just like us. They’re easy to look after, fairly cheap to keep, and give you the most delicious eggs ever. 

I’d certainly recommend chicken keeping to anyone who may be considering it. I can’t imagine being without them now.


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