Crochet Egg Cosies

Some time ago while browsing through one of my crochet books, I saw a pattern for some cute egg cosies. This was a perfect project for me, what with having a ready supply of freshly laid eggs from our girls. I decided that half a dozen would be a good number of them to make, obvs. I selected six gorgeous colours from my little (ish) stash of Stylecraft Special DK. Aren’t they pretty colours all lined up together?  

I tried a few times to start off but couldn’t quite get my head round the pattern in the book. I often need more of a visual guide so I took myself off to the wonderful world of YouTube where I found a tutorial almost identical to the book. I followed the basics then added finishing touches from the book once I got the hang of things. This was my first time working in the round and I really had to concentrate. And I mean REALLY.

I made sure there was no one else in the house, set myself up in the dining room and counted out loud with each stitch, just so I couldn’t possibly forget where I was.


With the first one complete, I was on a roll and went ahead and did a second one in half the time. It took about 30 minutes to do the second one.

I left it at that for the night as my eyes were getting very sleepy. I was very pleased with my progress though.

Well, soon after, cushions for Mother’s Day came along which took a while, then blankets were started, so these had gone by the wayside. I’d really wanted to have them ready in time for Easter. Just as it seemed quite appropriate. 

When my next opportunity of an empty house came along ( not very often does this happen!) I grabbed my basket of prettiness and started on no.3. There was another huge gap between this one and no.4. I really wanted that c2c blanket finished and out of the way before I carried on with these. Anyway, this week, that time had come. I was rather excited!

The sun has been very kind to us up here in the north west lately so it had to be a happy yellow colour next. I made it my mission that night to get them all finished.


Well that’s the crocheting done. I just wanted to finish them off with some little ribbon tabs. And here they are, rather cute…

I do love it when a project gets finished. I particularly love it they’re quick and easy to make and cute and pretty too. This makes for a very happy Vicki šŸ˜Š


3 thoughts on “Crochet Egg Cosies

  1. The Artisan Duck June 5, 2016 / 9:05 am

    They are so cute. If you drew faces on your eggs it would look like they were wearing wooly hats lol šŸ˜ƒ

    Liked by 2 people

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